19 June 2011

Filofax London Olympics 2012

You can be forgiven for the vision that came in to your head just now when you read the title of a Filofax dressed up in shorts and a running vest... no not quite.. Filofax is an official London 2012 merchandise company, this means they can manufacture and sell products with the London 2012 logo on them.

In the 2011 paper catalogue there are three new organisers, which have been designed with the 2012 games in mind. I've not actually seen any of these products myself yet, so the following information is based soley on the catalogue information.

So from left to right in the above picture we have firstly the 'Lime Burst' this model is available in Pink and Blue in both Pocket (£32) and Personal (£37) and to me it looks similar to say the Domino.

In the middle is the 'Sporting Icons' this is only available in black as show in the picture above. This model also comes in Pocket (£27) and Personal (£32) sizes. It looks like it has a large band closure with the London 2012 lettering on it.

And then on the right is the Union Flag organiser. This model comes in chocolate 'nappa' leather and it is priced at £90 for the Personal size.

All three according to the catalogue come with 'fun and informative sporting information, a unique diary, games facts and figures, maps, stickers and key London 2012 information'

I would have loved them to have produced a Union flag model in the traditional red white and blue... I suspect producing one that is durable is the main problem.

I'm not sure when these new models will go on sale, possibly within the next few months I will make some discrete enquiries.


  1. wow, so exciting! I think I would like the union jack with the colors as well. . .

  2. If the Union Jack was in ANY colour other than brown I'd start saving for it right now!

  3. @Rhea jill Yup I would have loved a proper union jack one too.

  4. The union jack on is cool, and I agree it would be fantastic in red, white and blue!

  5. Dreadfully disappointing. Lack of colour and imagination. At least they weren’t designed by the same people who “did” the 2012 logo.

    A missed opportunity to promote the brand and Britain by producing a really useful/practical “file of facts” that proves the value of a personal organiser, Olympic Itinerary, places to see/things to do in and around London (also away from London for a break), restaurants, travel info; also to do, three month diary etc.

    Even if they’d come up with an a very inexpensive Olympic “file of facts” in a Union Jack, or otherwise colourful Filofax cover made from PVC (upgradable to leather at a Filofax outlet), then at least it could be used to promote the brand for incoming travellers from around the world.

    Colourful doesn’t mean you necessarily lose class or style, and it is easy to produce leather fax’s in the Olympic colours of either black, red, blue, yellow and green.

    Come on Filofax, how about a limited edition in even just personal size? Fill it with every conceivable piece of useful information and sell them for a limited period next summer! Such items would be a memento of a great event and fondly treasured for years.

  6. Another thought. Kids love little things to play with, especially if there is some game or collecting involved, so why not specifically target kids (and therefore a new generation) with an inexpensive fax? The contents could simply be the exact same things that kids crave everywhere in stationery stores, but themed for the Olympics!

  7. Here's an idea for a Union Flag Filofax.

    Buy the red Domino, then get some sticky back vinyl sheet in blue and white and then cut it out to form the flag, the base colour would be the red cross and use the vinyl sheet for the blue and white parts of the design.

    An England George Cross would also be very easy to do with a red domino.

    Just an idea.. I'm not a 'creative hobby person' but I don't think this would be too difficult to execute and would look quite stylish as well.

    Has anyone else customised a Domino in a similar way?

  8. Ooh Steve.... fabby idea about customising a red Domino for the Olympics...... now where in the attic is my old personal Domino????? Heee Heee!! Only until next summer to find it.......

  9. Jane
    I look forward to seeing pictures of it...


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