16 June 2011

Philofaxy Style Off

You will I'm sure have seen the Filofax style off blogger competition on Facebook, and you might have even voted.

During an idle moment Thomas and Steve were discussing it and Thomas commented... 'but they are all attractive young ladies... even if we had entered we wouldn't stand a chance... '

"I know, mate, not right is it.....but we could do something similar if you are up for it?"

He looked up and he smiled. 'We could do this and we could do this'. He was putting himself in to some fairly provocative poses.

 "Steady on, mate, you will be playing them at their own game.... No, we have to do this our way, and our rules, OK?"

'Sure,' said Thomas and we both went to decide on what the 'Philofaxy blokes style' really was.

A couple of days later Steve sent Thomas a couple of pictures he had just taken. "What do you think mate?"

'Oh my goodness, is that the best you can do?' said Thomas

"Well, I thought we could go for quantity and quality being that this is Philofaxy."

'Yes, OK, but the outfit? It looks like what you had on at the time.'

"Yes, and what's wrong with that?"

'We have to try harder Steve, go away and think a bit about it and you could have had a shave, Steve'

"Oh, OK, mate, I will do a bit more tomorrow, but did you notice the carefully groomed hairy arms?"

He just walked away, muttering and shaking his head!

So a couple of days later our two partners in crime got back together again to see if they could improve on 'the look'. First up, Steve said,

"Well, mate, I've gone for the Jeremy Clarkson/Bud Fox look... the jeans and jacket look along with the red Malden which is the equivalent of Bud's red braces... a real 1980's look. Oh, and the original working Nokia 7110 phone, although that is 1990's, I suppose"

When can I breathe out again?

'Gosh!' said Thomas, 'I didn't realise you had a suit?'

"Thanks, mate, yes, but don't worry it's back in the wardrobe already."

'I'm not sure about the Jeremy Clarkson look though... more like Del Boy out of Fools and Horses...'

"Cheeky b****r," cursed Steve. "Anyway for that you can buy the beers, then we will have a look at your photos."

Thomas shuffled off to buy another round of drinks. On returning he put down the drinks on the table, then carefully looking around before he produced a plain brown envelope.

'Take a look, Steve, tell me what you think.'

Steve pulled the envelope across the table and opened the flap and pulled out three large photographs.  The smile on Steve's face said it all......

"My word, what a pair of Bobby Dazzlers we are"

'Careful, Steve, you are sounding like DelBoy Trotter more and more!'

Steve just looked up and smiled... "Right, we will show them what 'Style Blogging is all about'"

He carefully put the photos back in the envelope and tucked it in to his inside pocket for later....

"Cheers, Thomas.... now, about this third goal in the 1966 World Cup....... "

Thanks to Thomas for taking part in this light hearted banter and idea. Don't forget to vote in the real competition.

Of course, Steve and Thomas are available for any future Filofax Photo Shoots you might be planning... competitive rates will apply. 

Disclaimer: Philofaxy will not accept the cost of you embarrassing yourself after reading this....


  1. Forget the real competition, I vote for you two.

  2. Ooooh Steve... I never knew you were such a stud! lol... love the suit look!

    Loving the post - I vote for you two too! lol

  3. That was very funny! Filofax would be mad not sign you both up as the 'Faces of Filofax'

  4. Love, love, love it!! Made my day,

  5. im sorry guys have to read it twice! , in fact im gonna print it and put it in my filofax -so every time i open it i will laugh :)

  6. Agree...you made my day :o) Love it.
    @ Thomas ... please please, pretty please, can you do review of your Mini Malden?

  7. This is hilarious! You guys absolutely win the style competition!

  8. @Katka
    I will ask Philofaxy if it's o.k. to place a guest post on my Mini Malden, which works as my 'account Filofax'.

    Actually 'he' is going on a little trip again in two weeks, so there will be some pictures on 'Filofax on location',, as well. I could combine this...


  9. You guys are the best. Real men that look like they really use their filofaxes (in the real world) beat dressed the girls hands down. Of course, I'm a girl and would much rather look at pictures of men. : )

  10. Didn't appreciate your expression in the first photo, Steve, until after I reread the post on my desktop. Ha!

    Not sure what I like more--the action shots, or the clever writing? Seriously! ;)

  11. Steve, you are so Hollywood A- List here with the dark glasses! I'd vote for you and Tommes.... his outfit is really an aqua Chameleon matchpot! Actually.... really and truly, I think you look a bit like the tennis ace Roger Federer here Steve. Wonder if Alison agrees????

  12. Love it!!! I'd vote for you two any day!

    I'd also love to see how the Mini Malden is set up!

  13. I totally vote for you sexy lot! Much better than pics of girls, no matter how well dressed they were.
    Well done!!

  14. LOVED this post - thanks for sharing and making me chuckle.

  15. You two have my vote! Nicely done!!!!

  16. I LOVE THIS POST!!! I saw it first thing this morning after just getting the announcement that my train had been cancelled and it was just the thing to give me another reason to smile today (well actually I laughed out loud and looked like if I was celebrating the train being cancelled so got odd looks).

    Brilliant and as I tweeted you both look dashing and debonair so I really cannot choose between you.

    Thanks for making us all smile today.

  17. HILARIOUS and very well done. You go boys!

  18. Hi Everyone...
    Thank you for all of your comments and nice comments, I've had a big smile on my face all day, and I think some of you have too!

    Humour is quite difficult to get right without offending someone.. but I think we got this one about right!!

    And thanks to Thomas for being such a good sport when I suggested this mad idea in an email to him last weekend.

    Quite a few people commented via Twitter and Facebook and in personal emails, it's been a brilliant response. Thank you. I hope we managed to brighten up your week.

    For those of you that like our more 'traditional' posts, these will be back again tomorrow.... but we will be coming up with some light hearted ones again sometime in the future!

    Yes I think some of you were surprised to see me in a suit... I only wore the jacket, but it was a bit like a uniform for me a few years ago... suit, white shirt, I didn't have to think too much about it in the mornings!!

    Again thank you all, you are a great bunch of people to write for and be in touch with....

  19. This post must have been great fun to do! I'd vote for you guys! Keep the humorous posts coming, please!

  20. Brilliant! The funniest thing I have seen in ages.

    And you both look totally gorgeous, with or without your filofaxes!

    juliet lima xx

  21. Both of you look very professional and can certainly score high votes. Well done.

  22. OMG how did I miss this??

    You guys totally have to do a "Men of Philofaxy" calendar or something!


  23. heh heh oh my!!! who are these hotties and what are those beautiful books they're carrying/ writing in???

    i love the filo funnies throughout the filo blogworld. keep it up please! one day i may even post my own

  24. Hahaha, this is brilliant!

  25. Hi everybody,
    thanks a lot for all the positive feedback. It was great fun indeed, and I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

    Mine are a Personal Hamilton, which has been decontinued a long time ago, and a Mini Malden in ochre, which I bought in March. Love both of them!

    Kind regards, Thomas

  26. Eeeeekk! What's that Filo Thomas has open on his desk? Not the pocket Malden, but the other one that's laying open on the desk. Looks like a personal size, but what is it? I think that's the one I want!

  27. Oooops... guess I shoulda looked at the comment just above mine, huh?


  28. Well done, guys! Loved this post & sooo much better than the real competition entries :)

  29. haha very nice! I have actually entered so thank you for the lovely comments :P

    You should of got late admission entries! ;) Would of been good to have some men in the competition! xx

  30. Thank you Abby and congratulations to you for winning the real competition.

    I know you all worked hard on your entries and I hope our little sketch didn't take anything away from that.

    Well done and thank you everyone.

    Steve aka Del Boy!


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