10 June 2011

Free For All Friday No. 134

Where did this week go? It seems like only yesterday that I was on Skype talking to the everyone. But what a chat is was, I think at one point we had about 13 people taking part on voice. The chat lasted in total over three and a half hours! Good job there's no phone bill to pay on Skype calls! 

Not everyone was on-line the whole time, some people disappeared and then came back later. So it all went very well and quite smoothly in fact. I think it was the best one yet, well from my point of view.

As always the atmosphere was very light hearted and congenial, so next time we have Skype Round-Table in July do come on line and join in.

But it is Friday so please feel free to discuss anything Filofax related and have a great weekend.


  1. Hi All
    Sam Flax have a promotion on at the moment. Details here:


    Thanks to Saffronia for spotting this.


  2. Hi all, have a nice friday! I have quick one....how do you clean inside of your non-leather filofax? E.g. domino?

  3. Katka
    You need to use my Sticky Tape trick...

    Take a length of sticky tape and press it down on the surface sticky side down. Then lift it off, it should remove all the dust and dirt without leaving anything behind.

    You might have to do this a couple of times with different bits of tape to clean it all. But it does work on non-leather interiors.

    Also good for getting dust and out of the turn ups of your trousers when you don't have a clothes brush handy!

  4. Steve, thank you. That`s very clever :o) any tricks for pen marks?

  5. Placeholders ... what do people use to mark their place on the page/calendar with a Filofax? Not talking about the plastic page marker here, but one to highlight the relevant date (for example) in a diary.

    I looked around for one for ages and eventually butchered a plastic squash bookmark which is the same width as the day column on my A5 week on two pages Filofax diary. I've posted a photograph here:


    It doesn't grip as tightly as I would like, though. What (if anything) do other people use?

  6. Hi @Graham,
    I have just bought some little plastic arrow shaped bookmarkers which point to the day today and are handy for keeping today in view in the Filofax, ie when you're on the phone, or just glancing at your diary. Bought them in Waterstones, very cheap, and don't fall off, as they grip well.Hope this helps? If you like, let me know your address via je.mccourt@virgin.net, and I can post you a couple to try out.

  7. @katka
    What ever you try do it gently and with a cotton bud.

    If it's on the suede type material, try something like vanish carpet cleaner on a cotton bud, but do it gently. Then use a cotton bud soaked in water to finish off, dab with a bit of paper towel and let it dry naturally.

  8. Thanks @Butanben for your kind offer! Good idea. We have a Waterstones here in Amsterdam - I'll check them out first, and get back to you of they don't have them.

  9. Filofax USA only seems to have Week on 2 Pages in Cotton Cream. Is there anywhere that sells better paper inserts? I use a fountain pen mostly but even my other pens often bleed through. Also, if anyone knows, is the Cotton Cream paper better?

  10. Bridgett,

    Planner diary paper is too thin to prevent bleed through from many fountain pens and inks, so as far as I’m aware you have 3 options.

    1. Run the diary through a copier onto good paper of your choice, but unless you have a colour copier you will have grey/black print instead of brown.

    2. Fiddle/change the feed, or tines on your nib to adjust the flow.

    3. Change your ink to something dryer, such as Pelikan.
    Fortunately my main pen’s ink flow is ok, and while you can just see the writing from the other side, it doesn’t bleed.

  11. @Katya I got a ball point pen stain from a suede gilet using a little hair spray on a cotton bud. I read about it online and it really worked a treat. However I would advise caution as Steve says - just do a tiny bit to see if it works first, then if it does gradually do more but don't soak it, just dab with a cotton bid. Good luck!

  12. Bridget, your experience with bleed-through and ghosting can depend on which type of fountain pen. Though I can't speak to calendar paper, I use cream ruled paper as a journal -- there's no bleed through and very little ghosting for me when I use fine-point "dry-writing" fountain pens. For me that includes gold-nibbed pens like the Lamy 2000, Sailor 1911, Parker 100. Among steel nibs, I've had good experience with the Lamy Safari and Pelikan 200. I find I can even use these pens on the "regular" white or colored Filofax paper. I use Pelikan 4001 black ink.

    By contrast, I find Pilots (I use a Vanishing Point and Falcon with F point, as well as the Varsity disposables) write too "wet," or too richly. They deserve a heavier paper than Filofax makes -- I find they'll even ghost on 90gsm Clairefontaine paper.

    Hope this helps

  13. I am very excited to see who wins the Aston contest tomorrow. Even if it's not me,I'll be happy for someone to receive that sweet little binder!

  14. @ Erin - she me too - I totally fell in love with the colour! I was moving away from Personal but would move straight back into it with that binder. Brilliant of Steve to arrange the competition! Whoever wins I am sure it will go to a good home.

  15. I just had to share my excitement with others who understand my planner obsession. My first Filofax is being delivered today! It's a pocket Finsbury in Raspberry.

  16. @tonya welcome to the dark side. You will see the numbers of filofaxes you own multiply exponentially ;-)
    Be strong!

  17. @caribbean princess - yep, finally make the transition to the dark side. I just couldn't resist the leather and that color... so gorgeous. I'm sure I'll find another one to drool over sooner or later :)

  18. Alison, Steve...thanks a lot. I will try it for sure.

  19. Thanks a lot for everyone's suggestions. I'll fiddle with it some and see if anything helps.

  20. Bridget, try using Noodler's Bulletproof Black. It's designed to write well even on newspaper, so it'll work on any kind of planner paper you use. I use it on my pocket and personal Urban, and it works just fine in practically any pen I use. It's also cheap, and waterproof.