04 June 2011

Web Finds - 4 June 2011

Posts at this end of the week were not in abundance, but there are some interesting ones all the same.
* I stumbled upon this page almost by accident as one does... The app was a university student concept study about what a Filofax app might look like etc. It was never actually created as such. It was never show to Filofax themselves as far as I understand.  But an interesting idea... Emma is a Filofax user herself.  I also found a similar concept study here;

And here is Imy's first impressions of the Flex by Filofax, she is was very excited, but you can forgive her for that I'm sure!

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


  1. That flex diary looked to be in cream, a colour they don't do for the A5 fax. If I can find someone who stocks them, to check, I will probably be buying one and cutting the pages/punching to fit in my A5 fax for next year.

  2. Scoot - They do it in Black, Slate and Magenta, the pages are Cotton Cream sort of style if thats what you mean :-)

  3. Yes, they do the A5 Flex in cotton cream. But you can't get A5 Filofax in Cotton Cream.

    Only checked a couple of sites.

    The other option is to go for Quo Vadis which is CC quality paper in A5, but you will need to repunch the QV Timer 21 diary insert to fit an A5 Filofax.


    Laurie now has that insert, but I have the first four months still!

    Even in white the paper quality is very good better than Filofax white

  4. Yes, cotton cream is the correct name. The colour combination of cream paper and brown text is very classy and really adds to the pleasure of owning a filofax.

    Aspinals diary and pages are also cream, with a golden brown and grey text, and is also stylish. These are made by Diarpell and are, unsurprisingly, italian in design!

    Aspinals A5 rings match the normal filofax exactly, though curiously their A5 page size is 5mm taller and 7mm narrower than the A5 standard. Aspinals fax's are of a better quality than most filofax's of the modern age.

    I've even started writing in the fax with just brown ink in a fountain pen that has had a fine italic bib fitted, it adds another touch of style and gives me great pleasure to own.

  5. Thanks Steve, I've been using the Cotton Cream in a slimline wallet for many years...though at any time I only have space for about four months week to view.

    Being a user of fountain pens, I got really annoyed by some of the poor quality paper sold by filofax that actually resisted ink. Fortunately, a year or two ago, I bought about 80 packs of old LeFax refills on ebay and these are fine with fountain pen inks.

  6. Why do you link a spam page?

  7. Ha--I just emailed Filofax and begged them to do A5 pages in cotton cream. I got a very polite, noncommittal response. Might have to look into the Flex.

    Adorable video. I have to admit, I get giddy and excited when I get anything Filofax-related in the mail.

  8. Cindy- i knew i wasnt alone there had to be others as excitable!!!

    I hope they make more luxurious covers in leather for it, and in more pinks hehe

    I hope they dont stop it at the first edition! I love the Flex so much i hope they condinue with it and make it a perminant fixutre....

    (sorry about all the BAD spelling) x


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