23 June 2011

New York Meet Up - 6 August 2011

Our intrepid New York Organiser, Kanalt has decided it is time to organise another Philofaxy meet up....
With the success of the first Philofaxy New York City meet up, there was some talk about doing a second one, possibly on 6th August.  
I know that this might be somewhat difficult between last minute vacations and back to school preparations, so I'd like to know how many people are interested. 
I'm thinking that the beginning of August (possibly the 6th) would be best so that we avoid the back to school craziness.  To make it easy, we can shop at Sam Flax on Third Avenue and dine at La Pain Quotiden, as we did in May. 

Once we have a list of those interested, we can discuss further details.  To keep the meet up at a manageable level, there is a limit of 10 people. 

Please email philofaxy at gmail dot com and put NYC Meet Up in the subject line. The emails will then be forwarded to me.

Places are still available for this meet up....


  1. Hi, I'm looking at this picture, and I'm considering all the recent posts. And I think I don't belong to this group anymore. It is WAY too feminine - not that that's wrong. It's just that I'm a male, and I like the older filofaxes. I do not particularly like the way the company is going and well, I think this may be my last peek in this blog. I have enjoyed it. but, there it is.

  2. I’m not sure that I would agree with it being too feminine, nothing wrong in that though as most Filofax users are women, though I would say it can be a bit anal with regard to delicious new Filofaxes. Unfortunately Filofax brand do produce nice looking faxes, despite their often plasticky or unsubstantial leather and often poor inserts/accessories, but there is nothing stopping anyone mentioning other brands or such quality type products/systems; and you don’t have to contribute in order to keep enjoying.

    In my view Filofax should reduce their range substantially, 6 styles at most, and just produce high quality products that are practical; emphasising that a person should design their own fax according to their own circumstances/for their own benefit rather than use their very general and often irrelevant standard/example system.


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