26 June 2011

Philofaxy on the wireless...

I mentioned about the radio interview I did back in November 2009. The link to the show still works, but I couldn't see the show available on line. So I've extracted the interview out of the recording I still had and you can take a listen for yourself.

At the time, I was 'exploiting' every opportunity to get Philofaxy some publicity, I didn't think for one minute that I would be contacted as quickly as I was on the Saturday afternoon only a couple of days after I sent in the email.

The phone call lasted about 30 minutes and we chatted quite a bit about the site and how it came about etc. But obviously they didn't want my interview to take over the whole show! But 5 minutes or so wasn't too bad and I got to plug the site address.

I still keep in touch with Jamilliah, she still works for BBC, the show Pods and Blogs has been renamed 'Outriders' since the interview took place.



  1. Great interview! Very well done. I wish it had gone on for longer! I love my electronic devices but when it comes to organising my life the Filofax rules!

  2. Fab interview Steve. I agree with CP, it would have been nice to go on for longer. A follow up interview now that writing paper sales have increased recently at the major retailers would be interesting. It would also be nice to hear from Filofax about their sales over the last two years, have they increased too?

  3. Looking forward to listening to this..... thanks for adding the link.


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