22 June 2011

Smoothest, softest leather Filofax?

I love smooth, soft leather. The smoother and softer, the better.

Filofax likes to jazz up binders with textures, which is fine, as long as they don't exclude at least one line of binders with smooth leather.

My Buckingham has completely smooth leather that is soft to touch but not flimsy or floppy at all. It has had a rough life and has proven to be resistant to gouges and scratches. I wonder if there is any equivalent in the current lineup? I know the Maldens have that soft buffalo leather, but it is "floppy" compared to the leather of my Buckingham.

Do any of the new binders, or any others currently available, have smooth, soft, sturdy leather?


  1. Okay, so I found two that fit the bill: Cuban and Guildford. They both have those awesome secretarial pockets!!

    But I have two questions:

    I've heard the Guildford scratches easily, what have been people's experiences with its durability?

    Is the Cuban's cover puffy?

    (Why am I even asking about these things?? Now I want a new Filofax!!)

  2. The cuban is very soft leather, and VERY SOFT, yes the it is puffy but in a nice way, feels like a cushion, but it scratches easily, like with your nails, mine doesnt look all that bad but then i havent used it in a while.....

  3. I love my Personal Cuban, enough so that I ended up getting a matching Pocket Cuban.

    BUT the leather is so thick I wonder it it isn't mule hide.

  4. The Guildford scratches quite easily. It does not seem like it will hold up to the test of time, at least not in appearance.

  5. Hmm, thanks for the info everyone. Seems like the Guildford is definitely out. I'll keep thinking about the Cuban though.

  6. I love my Cuban in the Chestnut color. I have to admit though that I only used it for a few weeks in the fall because I was afraid to mess it up which is quite silly. Can't really say how easily it may scratch or not...after a few weeks of use it looks as good as new. There was a recent video about a Cuban in black and that looked lovely too. The brown is very rich looking as well but I went with chestnut because it matched my leather sectional lol


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