06 June 2011

Philofaxy Skype Round-Table - Thank You...

Wow what an event that was yesterday. 13 people involved and a total length of the conference call was 3 hours 37 minutes!!!!

Thank you to everyone that took part either for the first time or this was a repeat visit to the 'table'

In a way the chats are similar to a meet up, except that instead just chatting to your immediate neighbours sat around a real table, in the Skype chat you hear everyone and everyone hears you. So you sometimes have to be a little patient to break in with your comment! But I thought it really worked well yesterday.

Not all 13 people were there all the time, one or two disappeared to talk to their families and then were surprised we were still chatting away so they came back again!

Thank you for your patience as well, getting the conference set up at the start can be a little hectic whilst everyone gets connected and we do the introductions... Skype names versus Twitter names versus Comment names... Yes it can be a little confusing, but we get there in the end.

About an hour after we finished I then had my bi-weekly Skype chat with some old buddies of mine who are all retired radio engineers... quite a contrast! Although last night the discussion was mainly about CCD cameras used for astro physics, one of our group used to work at the observatories on the Canary Islands. I didn't need much rocking to get to sleep last night!!!

So once again thank you to everyone that took part in the Philofaxy Skype Round-table. I think the earlier time worked better for some people, I would be interested in your feed back on that point. It certainly meant that Laurie could join in and I know she loves taking part because then she feels less isolated in a time zone sense.

Until the next one in July..... Thank you..


  1. Only problem with skype is you cannot touch all the filofaxes and be nosey hehe

    It was really nice to hear voices to go with names :-)

    I will try and be more talkative next time, im only shy at first i do get nosier!!!! As you can imagine from my videos!!1

    Was lovely to talk to you all :-)

    and meet you :-) xx

  2. Good point Imy!!! We need Skype to enable multiple people to be on camera so we can at least SHOW each other our Filo's!!! Not as good as touching them, but better than nothing : )

  3. @ Yvotchka i think you can if you pay to use skype, i.e. for making other phone calls, then i think you can, a producer was asking me about it, i know iChat does do that but dont think could hold 13 people lol, would be crazy to see everyone wouldnt it! :-)

  4. It was nice to speak with so many fellow Philofaxers. I regret I couldn't visit longer.

    I guess if we can't have a Round Table Show-n-Tell, we have to buck up an tape a video to share with Steve and all. Maybe.

    And, yes, while flipping through another's Filo would be the best, I am as nosy as the rest of you and would love to simply see them!

  5. Again, thanks to Steve for arranging and managing the Skype call!
    The time worked perfectly, and it was awesome to put voices with names.

    Now, y'all need to upload pics to your profiles so we can see who's talking, or try video!

    Thanks again, really enjoyed it!

  6. So much fun! Sorry again that I kept cutting out- I have no idea what was going on. But, at least B wasn't home making fun of me in the background this time!

    Can't wait for July :)

  7. Thank you so much to everyone for participating in the earlier time so I could join in!! It was wonderful to be able to talk to you all and great to put voices with names. I'm really looking forward to the next one!

    And thanks so much Steve for coordinating the whole thing, well done!!

  8. Thank you everyone. So who has cameras on their PC/Mac?

    I'm willing to give a group video conference call a shot next time. I will pay the €4 for the day and then up to 10 of us at any one time will be able to see each other.

    Only the host (me) has to pay the Skype Premium charge not everyone. You will all need to be on Skype version 5 or higher.

    People using Skype on their mobile will only get the audio not the video as well.

    At any one time on Sunday I don't think there was 10 people or more. 13 was the total figure that had taken part.

    So shall we give it a try?

  9. I had a great time! I have skype on my ipad and iphone. ipad version 1 has no camera but the phone does. I usually videoskype my parents using it.

  10. I am 95% in for a video conference-will need to plunk the children elsewhere, but with notice I can do this!

    Thanks, Steve!

  11. I think we should stick to the earlier time so that Laurie is able to join, even if I wasn't able to make it until 90 minutes later ...;-)
    I still can't put names to voices and don't want to yell "who's that?" every time someone speaks. I believe I could video skype with the iPod touch? Can you confirm, Steve? If we were able to show each other our Filofaxes, I think the chat will go on for HOURS and HOURS ... LOL

  12. I'd love to do a video chat!!!

  13. Thank you, Steve for putting this together every month. They are so much fun. I like the earlier time as well. I'm more likely to be able to join in.


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