03 June 2011

Free for All Friday No. 133

I've probably mentioned earlier that I sometimes note the weather in my Filofax. Only when it's unusual weather, like a big snowstorm. '12" snow' helps me remember what was happening that day.

We certainly had unusual weather last night -- a tornado hit Massachusetts, which almost never happens here.

Ooops, it's a cliché to talk about the weather, isn't it?

Anyway, talk amongst yourselves and have a good Friday.


  1. Now that I've had my Malden, my index tabs, my page-per-day, my tabbed months on two pages - it's working so very well for me!! I'm really happy with it. I have found out that I really dislike the colour ruled paper and I love the white quad paper. The paper quality/thickness/feel is wonderful. I just don't like the coloured pages. (I use my index tabs for sections instead of colour coded paper.)

    Tonight I ordered more quad paper, some extra accessories and also the computer paper. And the Print-to-File which I'll have to play around with this weekend.

    I gave the "urban dweller" and travel packs a good look. While there was much I could use, there was also just as much that won't be of use to me. With the print-to-file software and the computer paper, I should be able to tweak a similar template for those pages that would be useful to me.

    Just loving my Filo!

  2. Hope none of our readers or their family and friends suffered any damage in the tornado's recently.

    Likewise I don't note the details of the weather every day, although recently I have noted when we have had rain, which has been quite rare recently, although we are forecast to get some in the next few days....

    Yes it's very British to discuss the weather!!!

    Meanwhile I'm finding my trial of the day per page in Business style in my A5 Malden is going well, I will do a post about it soon.

    Don't forget we have a Skype chat on Sunday, look forward to chatting with you all


  3. @Nan, I hope you and yours are doing fine after the tornado. We live up in Northern Mass, closer to NH, so we were lucky to only have experienced heavy winds and rain.

    The Malden has officially supplanted the buttercup Ostrich as my go-everywhere. I have it in personal-size and looks like an overstuffed crimson burrito right now. I currently have 12 main tabs (not including the sub-tabs ie "top tabs"), so maybe it's time to have a separate grad school / work Filo. So now it's a question of whether I should get a Malden in Grey or Vintage Pink!

  4. I like to record the temperature, and then draw a tiny picture of a raindrop or a sun to tell the weather. :)

  5. I'm trying to set up my MA dissertation planner in my new Finsbury raspberry A5 :) I know there are a lot of academics on here, does anyone have any tips for the sections I can make in my planner?

  6. I do the weather everyday. I love to look back and see; although every day lately says "sunny/windy" Blech. I hate the desert.

    @terriknits Glad it's working so well for you! I love to see it when people's planners rock their world.

    @Steve I second your "Hope none of our readers or their family and friends suffered any damage in the tornado's recently. "

  7. I keep general notes on the weather for each day, though I highlight big events that occur.
    My best friend went to school where they had the tornadoes. Most of the campus was affected in some way, shape or form. And her family lives near there, though everyone is safe from what I understand.

  8. I also notate the weather with little doodles and the approximate temperature for the day. It's for the same reason I write what I had for dinner each night- it's fun to go back and look at years later.

    Just yesterday, I decided to add a small "what I'm grateful for" notation at the top of each page, hopefully I keep up with it!

    Also echoing others on wishing those affected by the tornadoes all the best :)

  9. @TPS: I did Ideas, Research, Contacts (advisors, interviewees, et al), Chapters, Resources, Timeline and Diary. Good luck on your dissertation!

  10. It is still news to me, it may not be for everyone else. I will share anyway.

    American Philofaxers, the new ranges are up @filofaxusa.com!!!

    Very excited, even though I can't get my Aqua Chameleon right now!

    Great news!!!

  11. To switch topics again a bit, who's ever lost a FF in their own home? I was looking through some bins of old writing last night --I've kept most everything from high school onwards, you know, for my future archivists.

    To my considerable surprise I found rubber-banded Pocket pages of notes from an old screenwriting project, as well as a Pocket storage binder - Made in England, no less! These would have dated from the late 1990's. Also found a Personal storage binder of the same vintage, filled with journals from my early 20's.

    I'm almost afraid to read such post-bacc musings, but one day I will. More urgently, somewhere in my apartment there is a Pocket binder that I'd completely forgetten about!

  12. @Saffronia. So I guess this means they aren't going to get the gray malden in the US. BUMMER! Sure hope Pens and Leather gets it!


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