11 February 2014

Cover Story 2014 Winner’s Design On Sale Now!

The last couple of years Filofax have run a competition for a design graduate to design a cover for a new Filofax organiser.

Today they announced that English Bloom, a winning design in the 2014 Cover Story graduate competition, is now on sale on their website.

Alexia Claire won the competition with two floral designs, both chosen to adorn the covers of personal and pocket sized Filofax organisers. Alexia explained that “the British plant/flower illustration was based on Alpine Rock-cress (I will take her word for it!) which is only found in certain areas of Britain.”

Julia Langhein, New Product Design Director for Filofax, chose Alexia as the winner because “it was clear she had carefully thought through her designs, which were beautiful in their simplicity. All had great proportions and an excellent use of colour. They are very attractive cover designs that will definitely appeal to our discerning users.”

The interior design includes a selection of card pockets on the inside cover and a notepad pocket on the rear inside cover. I know there were a lot of comments about the omission of card pockets on some of the 2013 range so it's good to see they are back on these new models.

Buy English Bloom in Pocket (£28) and Personal (£35)

The second winning design, Floral Burst, goes on sale later next month.


  1. That is gorgeous - simple yet so practical. And the colour is divine

  2. I love it! Fresh and colorful. And excellent pocket configuration inside!

  3. the pocket configuration is the only thing I like about it...

  4. I'd love it if it wasn't for the pink edge! Not a fan of how it looks, and I'm not a fan of pink either. Love the pattern though!