27 August 2010

The Photographic Proof!

Well I also didn't believe it when I first read 75.... but here's the proof... well 71 of the 75, yes I counted!

And the rest (72-75) are either in use or packed! Click on the picture to see it full size...


  1. It's a little disturbing since the movie "27 Dresses" only came out in 2008.

  2. There are no words for how I'm feeling right now. ;) Nice!

  3. "In use"??? Wow the list I made of uses for Filo only numbers 18. :O

  4. No, they are definitely not all in use. I only use one at a time for the most part. But, if anyone sees any they'd like and would want to trade for a swarovski crystal one, let me know! I had them listed several weeks back. Thank goodness I have a patient husband,,,,,,it's gotten a bit obsessive, so I need to dial it back!

  5. And Steve,,,,,
    I can't believe you didn't believe me! Would I lie about Filofaxes?!

  6. I thought it was a typo!

    But it's quite a sight to see them all. When you get a moment I'm sure everyone would love to see a list of size and model for your collection


  7. Wow, a little jealous, but mostly astounded by the collection!!

  8. A truely wonderful collection Erin. If you put them on Flikr, then you can tag them and tell us the names etc....though I can imagine it would take a while. I've just done my 15. lol

  9. I'm still gobsmacked!!
    Even more amazed that lots of them are still in their boxes, unused.

    Let me know if you decide to relieve yourself of any, Erin :D

    (PS. I am giggling slightly that the word verification for this comment is "prove" as you had to prove you had 75 Filos LOL)

  10. I'm in the process of moving, so will have to list them all at a later date. You guys are great. I love Philofaxy!


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