29 June 2011

Laurie's 2nd Philofaxy Birthday

Many thanks to Steve, Rori, Tommes and Sandra for Tweeting me that today is my Philofaxy birthday! For some reason I was thinking it was in July, but that was when I posted my first post on Philofaxy (which was about my two favorite topics, Scotland and Filofaxes!)

Many thanks to Nan for inviting me to be a contributor to Philofaxy! I had been a guest poster and long-time commenter, so to have the opportunity to be a regular contributor was (and continues to be) very exciting!!

Huge thanks to Steve for all you have done in the past two years for this blog and our community. Your technical genius is surpassed only by your warmth and friendship. Thank you!

And, thank all of you Philofaxy friends who have read my Filofax musings, angst, frustration and joy over the past two years through multiple moves and life events. You all have been a rare continuity for me throughout all the changes and upheavals in my life over the past two years, and I thank you all for your unfailing support and positive vibes through it all!

Here's to many many more years of Philofaxy, for the love of Filofax!


  1. Happy Philofaxy Birthday Laurie!!! May there be many, many more!

  2. Laurie, I bow my head in thanks.

    Not only are you a long standing contributor to Philofaxy, from well before I came on the scene in fact... but you also run Plannerisms, which is another brilliant blog.

    There's a lot of cross fertilisation of ideas and co-operation between the two blogs and long may it continue.

    Thank you for your help and support in the last two years and before. And we both owe a lot to Nan as well, we mustn't forget her.


  3. Blog On! Happy Birthday :O)

  4. Happy Philo B'day, Laurie! I always enjoy your posts.

  5. Happy 2nd birthday, Laurie.
    Thanks for your contribution to this great site & community :)

  6. Happy 2nd Philfaxy Birthday, Laurie! Congratulations on 2 amazing years. I'm a fan of your Plannerisms blog as well and always look forward to your posts.

  7. happy birthday laurie! i totally appreciate all the info you share with us both here and in your plannerisms blog - from all over the world no less! cin cin to you - may you not find the perfect planner for you for a long long time!

  8. Happy birthday Laurie! Thank you for helping to make Philofaxy what it has become. It's the greatest community online! =D

  9. And you're getting an Aqua Fins for your Blogiversary!

  10. That's it! I can say my new Aqua Fins is my Philofaxy birthday present to myself! Great idea. :)

    Thank you so much everyone! The combination of folks from Philofaxy and Plannerisms is the best online community, so upbeat and supportive of each other in our quest for Filofax/ Planner Nirvana!

  11. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you joined us!

  12. I've just looked back to June 2006... five years ago... this week when Nan joined Philofaxy.

    Another excuse to pop open a bottle of Champagne... if you ever need an excuse that is!!!!

    Congratulations to Nan as well... .

  13. Congratulations Nan! Can you believe you've been Philofaxing for 5 years??

    Let's bust out the bubbly for everyone!! :D


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