20 August 2010

Carrying my Filofax Pocket

I've put this on my own blog as well, but thinking about it, it will be of interest to our readers here as well I suppose...

Man bags... yes a very French thing, but I also don’t like carrying ‘stuff’ in my pockets, fine in winter when you are wearing a jacket, but in summer I find my shorts are weighed down with ‘stuff’

Well what sort of ‘stuff’ are we talking about….

Car keys, magnifier (my close in eyesight is terrible these days), mobile phone, Filofax – which is also my wallet, a pen, a torch (for night time!) and house keys complete with bottle opener for 'beer o' clock' and an old memory stick as a key fob!

I also carry a small compact camera a lot of the time too.

So I found I already had a bag that I wasn’t using, it was used for my portable CD player…. infact this one…

I now use an iPod… ah add that to the list of ‘stuff’, the above fitted in to the bag like this:
It has a nice soft lining for both compartments and it’s quite discreet and compact. So I gathered all my ‘stuff’ together and tried it in the bag:

Wonderful, except the Filofax is a little too tall… ah but I have a Pocket Filofax, a quick try and that converted ok to my Wallet/Filofax, gather my ‘stuff’ together again:

And this looked more promising…. and in the bag it all fits including the compact camera:
Sorted…. it’s also fairly shower proof as I discovered the other day in Niort!!


  1. Great post! It makes me very happy when a man finally discovers the practicality and convenience of carrying a bag. You will in no time get completely used to it!

    You know I used to have the same CD player, but in black. It was really good, I used it heavily for about six years until it started to break down...ah the memories!

    Don't get me started on your beautiful, blue pocket Finsbury! Too bad it's discontinued ... I think if I were very rich, I'd get all colours of the Pocket Finsbury ....

  2. How do you use a pocket Filo as a wallet? Is it as practical as the slimline?

  3. Dilaila, See my post on going from Slimline to pocket


    I'm not finding it a big disadvantage at the moment


  4. Steve!

    Carrying an external bag always bears the risc that you might lose it or forget it in a strange place.

    I'm a flyfisher amd usually we wear these tackle vests with several dozens of pockets. All the items you need can easily be stored in such a vest - even several Personal Filos or one or two A5.

    Ever thought of it?

  5. Steve...good on you for carrying a man bag hun. Up until recently, when we went out as a family, I was left to carry my bag along with hubby's car keys and his mobile phone (cos they feel uncomfortable in his pocket), my 10 year old son's blood testing meter, Insulin pen and supplies. And that was just because I had a handbag.

    Now....I've taught my son that Man bags are cool and he carries his own Insulin kit and sweet supplies around with him.....can't convince hubby yet that man bags are cool, maybe after seeing your post he'll change his mind.....afterall, I need the room in my handbag to fit a filofax in nowadays. lol

  6. I wish my EDC (Every Day Carry) had that few items. I carry a lot of gear most of the time.
    Multitool, "nice" knife, "junk" knife that can be abused, just a long list of Guy Stuff.

    My bag of choice is a MK-II gas mask bag. WW-II surplus, a little harder to find now than they were a few decades before, but usually still in very good condition when you do find them. Rugged and cheap.

    I'm on my fourth or fifth one since my teenage years (I'm in my 50's now). Inside it's about 5 inches square and nine inches deep. A personal sized Filo slips in easily and takes up about half the available space.

  7. Just spotted this article in the Telegraph