05 July 2010

Viintage Filofax - Ebay UK

Another 'new' Vintage Filofax has appeared on EBay for sale. It's from the same seller as all the previous vintage items, so I would believe it to be genuine.

There are also other 'vintage' paper inserts and accessories still available.

I've no connection with the seller, just a satisfied customer.


  1. Help! Does anyone have a clue as to how I might escape my Filofax addiction/compulsion/obsession? It's seriously starting to effect my productivity. Stop me before I buy another Filofax!

  2. Give it up Den, once you're hooked, you're hooked.

    And I might add that asking a bunch of Filofax addicts for help escaping is, well, futile at best ; )

    Just go buy another one...but be sure to tell us what you get!!!!!!

  3. Would love to help old chap, but I'm afraid we've all come in the same door as you!

  4. two words: time/system.

  5. Same prison, different cell, mon frère. And one not nearly as nicely appointed. Stop fighting your Filofix, I certainly have. I've just come to accept it: we're inseparable!

  6. Den: resistance is futile.

    Although you COULD always try to fight it by getting addicted to Moleskines instead! ;D

  7. Den: Your predicament is garnering the same level of support as a teetotaler at a Munich Hofbrauhaus (during Oktoberfest).


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