05 July 2010

Want to use bigger pages in your A5... it's possible

So you have an A5 Filofax Organiser (who doesn't!!), but sometimes you find the A5 format a little restrictive. OK not everyone wants to have an A4 organiser (which by the way I don't believe are available in the US anyway?) But A4 is a fairly common size for a lot of maps and pictures and text.

So taking the TfL Central London Bus Map as an example because it makes an excellent street map. You make a simple Z fold in the A4 landscape page to get it to fit your A5 organiser:

Shown opened out.

And then folded. First fold at 145 mm, then fold back again. Punch and insert.

So if you think, ok but bigger still would be better... A3 is also possible in an A5 organiser! A3 is 420mm by 210mm. So the folding is a little more tricky, but not impossible.

Again using the Transport for London (TfL) bus map. Fold up at 210 mm from the top along the whole length of the page. Then a diagonal fold in the bottom left hand corner so it doesn't fowl the rings.

Then we Z fold it at 147 mm and back again like the A4 sheet.

And here it is fully folded.

The TfL site also has Tube and Rail maps, plenty of different formats to print out and use as you wish, very good if you are visiting the Filofax shop in London... For other countries do a Google image search and look for Hi-Res images of maps, you will be surprised what is out there. 

So you have no reason not to include those standard office documents, telephone lists etc in your organiser.

Using similar folding techniques it's possible to use bigger pages in a personal size organiser as well, just look at the year planners from Filofax.



  1. Steve you're a genius!! I remember you telling me about this when we were in London but it was hard for me to visualize. This is great!!

  2. I LOVE IT! This is such a brilliant idea! So many maps refuse to print on A5 due to detail! Like Laurie said, you're a genius! Thank you so much for sharing this! You've just opened up so many possibilities for me!!!

  3. I hereby nominate Steve for an Honorary Degree...in origami!

  4. Thank you Laurie and Eva.
    Yes as a great lover of maps myself it likewise as given me hours of pleasure!

    DJ... Honorary Degree... my only degree!! Thank you for your nomination!

  5. I hereby SECOND Steve's nomination (let's not stand on convention here). All in favor?

  6. Aye, with the "Korzybski Caveat," i.e. "the map is NOT the territory!"

  7. I just printed the traveler's checklist you created on an A4 page and used the Z folding system you explained and then neatly placed it in my A5 Domino. It looks simply glorious! Once again, thank you!