29 July 2010

Filofax Blog Posts

More and more people are blogging about Filofax and how they are coming back to it, or reviewing their latest purchases. I pointed one out to your yesterday. But here are two more for you read with a cup of tea or coffee... go on relax..


  1. I love Filofax posts! Couldn't resist rambling about my own in the end. It doesn't seem quite as grand as those of others but I can't seem to put the thing down!

  2. Thank you I've added a link to your blog in to the post.


  3. I'd love an index in the colours that Cheveeux Fluorescent's Filofax has. It seems those colours only come with that particular Filofax as on the official website there's only white, cotton cream or the bright multi ones. I so wish there were more colour options for extras like paper, indexes, page markers etc I need more customising options!

  4. Thank you very much, Steve!! When you come, let us meet for Beer o'clock!! :D

  5. I was quite shocked to read (in the comments to Hey Jewel's blog) that there are actually living people who've never heard of Filofax?! Have they lived under a stone? Or is it just that I'm really really old. I mean, I DID grow up in the eighties and all those youngsters haven't! They've only "heard" about it. And they think stuff from the 80s is vintage. A thought I resent, cos that would mean that I'm vintage myself .... LOL

    @OPauper: I hear ya! Unpacked my Cherry today (pics on Flickr), and it has lovely coloured tabs, with matching note paper. Why on earth won't they sell this separately? I mean, it's been through the printer anyway, right?!

  6. I don't think it's an age thing, @jotje. I was only born in the late 80s so missed Filofax when it was cool, but I still know what one is! I think it's down to a) not being English, or b) not being a very big stationery geek! We have to remember that some people out there just see a notebook and think "how old-fashioned"!

  7. Thanks for the link Steve


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