20 July 2010

Filofax blog posts

Recently there have been several great posts about how people use their Filofaxes (many with excellent photos too!) that I wanted to point out to everyone.

One post that has inspired many is Gala Darling's A Filofax Love Affair!  This post has lots of beautiful photos of her Filofax and details about how she's using it.

Her post inspired me to change up my Filofax situation, which I posted about on Plannerisms: Filofax Revamp Inspired By Gala Darling

Another Filofax post that was inspired by Gala's is on Belle Fantaisie about her Amber Filofax.  This too has loads of great photos and usage details.

Shopaholly is a great blog that I recently started following, written by Holly in Aberdeen.  I'm eagerly reading her blog for ideas on having fun on a tight budget in my soon-to-be new hometown!  Holly's post about her Filofax is also very inspiring, with beautiful photos!  (I LOVE that Botanic!)  She also has a great photo of her DIY weekly diary, which looks very interesting.  My Filofax and Me on Shopaholly.

Cat Cook commented on Shopaholly's Filofax post about her own Filofax post, which was recently linked by Steve and Filofax UK, but bears linking again:  Why I can't live without my Filofax! on Cat's Corner.

Ephemera has a few posts about her new Songbird Filofax and her recently re-discovered Logic Zip.  She recently started to use her Filofax to keep her life organized while she's in vet school, and it's interesting to read about how her usage is evolving.  She also has links to her Filofax photos on Flickr!

This list doesn't even include our fine Philofaxers with their own blogs (mainly) about Filofaxes and such, these being:

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time by our own dear Yvotchka

Life Well Planned by Kanalt (with its very nice looking new layout I might add)

And Oni's Paper Corner by Onigiri Sama always has lots of fun Filofax postings.

Have you written a blog post recently about your Filofax, or have you seen a Filofax post I haven't listed here?  Please post the link in the comments!

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  1. Wow thanks for the mention - finding philofaxy had a major influence on my decision to even buy a Filofax! :)