27 July 2010

Find the Filofax II

Thank you to Nickie for the new photo in our little quiz series... Can you spot the Filofax organiser or organisers... how many can you see.... and where are they in the picture.  The model is Nickie's son...on holiday in Spain.


  1. Is that one in the thing that looks like a safe with the door open?

  2. Yes! I was not quick enough but I was going to say the safe as well... And I wonder if I don't see also another one reflected in the mirror on the desk in front of the blue bottle...

  3. I only spotted the one in the safe myself. On second look I have to agree with Eva: there's a second one in front of the blue bottle. Is that a Domino???

  4. What's that black item in the handbag behind the boy's back? Maybe a 3rd Filo?

  5. I would say three inside the safe, stacked? And I think the thing in front of that bottle is a beauty case...

  6. I will declare the winner and the correct answer tomorrow... hehe

    Of course the whole thing could be a hoax... it might not be a Filofax organiser....

    Chuckle chuckle....

  7. oh Steve.. you're mean today! Did you miss 'beer o'clock'?? (kidding!!)

  8. OK bowing to pressure and threats on my future supplies of Filofax inserts and beer....

    1. There is only one organiser in the photograph;
    2. Yes it is a Filofax.. ok yes I was mean to suggest otherwise;
    3. Yes it is in the wardrobe safe;
    4. People how could you confuse a Filofax for a Christian Dior make-up bag?

    I would have thought you would know the difference, and give us chapter an verse on which model year etc it was... surely knowledge of expensive handbags and accessories goes with Filofax expertise....

    OK I've had enough fun from this one.. So I think we can declare Yvotchka a clear winner in all of 13 minutes...Congratulations

    So if you have a 'suitable' picture in which your Filofax just happens to be in the shot... but not too obvious, please email it to us..

  9. That was easy. Everyone keeps their Filofax in the microwave.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Steve, you're very naughty teasing the Philofaxy regulars like this!!

    Thanks for hosting the photo - I've been sniggering away to myself for a couple of days now :)

    Yvotchka - you're far too observant :) I actually didn't realise that the Filofax was in view (it's the Yellow Hearts Personal one that I reviewed on here not too long ago) until a friend pointed it out whilst browsing my holiday photos on Facebook.


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