26 July 2010

10% off Dodo PersonalPOD with Filofax-compatible diary insert

Dodo Pad, Britain's best-loved family diary 44 years and counting, now has their very own Filofax-compatible binder!  Called the Dodo PersonalPOD, it is the size of a Personal size Filofax and is compatible with Filofax's personal size inserts. 

I saw a prototype of the PersonalPOD while I was in London in April, and it is very nice.  The cover is hard-backed, and has a faux-cloth textured finish.  "Dodo Pad" is subtly embossed on the front.  Inside both the front and back covers are pockets for holding papers, tickets etc.  An elastic strap holds the binder securely closed.

Right now Dodo Pad is running a special where you can get a 10% discount on your PersonalPOD when you buy it with the Dodo Pad or Acad-Pad diary insert to fit it. 

Click here for the PersonalPOD + 2011 Dodo Pad (calendar year) insert special.

Click here for the PersonalPOD + 2010-2011 Acad-Pad (academic year) insert special.

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