21 July 2010

Diary Refills

What diary refills would you like to see Filofax sell that they don't sell already? Some people we know use other brands of diary insert in their Filofax organisers with mixed success. But it would be better if Filofax sold us what we want.

If you are on Facebook, please add your comments, pictures etc to the thread I've started on the Philofaxy page on there. Otherwise if you aren't on Facebook but you still want your input to go in to the discussion, please email us, address on our About Us page and I will add them for you.

I am sure we will get lots of good ideas which we can feed back to our friends at Filofax UK.

Thanks for your input


  1. I used to use the Filo week-on-one-page plus notes pages, but switched to a fancier version made by Japanese company Davinci. They have the same week-on-the-left layout, but add hour markers across the top of the day, from 8-8. Also, Saturday and Sunday are compressed to half-size and the righthand side is divided up by day and has a column for tasks. You can see a photo of them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stirwise/4731015689/
    I also love the tabbed month-on-two-pages sheets for planning things out in advance. Great for scheduling travel dates, etc.

  2. Wow I really like that layout!!

  3. Looks great! I'd like to learn more about them, do you have a website? Tried to google them, but had to give up.
    "Davinci": how Japanese is that?!

  4. I ordered the pages from a Japanese online shopping mall called Rakuten:
    They're starting to run out of the 2010 packs, but 2011 isn't available yet. The product number for the inserts is DR1014.

  5. Strangely compelling, annoyingly organised. Like Filofax!

  6. Thanks for the link!
    This has to be the most confusing website I've ever visited!
    How cute that the Personal size is called Bible!
    And you gotta love those machine translations! I quote: "You tend to be thick, thin notebook, so using a thin paper notebook" LOL

  7. I love your diary insert Klannert it looks ace will have to check out the website - Filofax definitely needs to look at producing one like this!!

    Please please

  8. I like this Davinci layout a lot. I am thinking of going to the week on one page plus notes layout but like this form better.

  9. My problem is that I love the Quo Vadis system. I love them. So what I'd do is buy the "business" size then rip it apart - and then punch holes in them. Not pretty, and not quite the right size for my filo.

    But I LOVE quo vadis and I LOVE filo fax

    If only they could come together, like tristan and isolde, romeo and juliet, chocolate and peanut butter....

  10. I've just noticed a frustrating mis-match in the current Filofax range. In A5 I use the Week on Two pages starting on a Monday in English, this is also available in Cotton Cream in Pocket Size. But in Personal size you can only have a simil...ar layout if you go for a Sunday start day...

    What I like with this format is the equal spacing for each day.

    So why isn't the Monday start available in the Personal size????