06 July 2010

Stampede of Horses

Bernhard sent me these fantastic photos of his Winchester Filofax and referred to a comment by gregorym who said his perfect Filofax would look like it had been run over by a stampede of horses.

Something like this perhaps? 

Thanks Bernhard!


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  3. That is exactly what I'm talking about.
    Well worn and like an old friend.
    I happen to be one that hates changes. I'd rather find that perfect planner and stop the freaking out!
    This guy has just what I mean and I'm sure he uses it, don't it look like he does?
    Mine would be heavy leather, brown, open, and 3/16" rings so I could stuff it full.
    Could someone with pull tell Filo to PLEASE bring these back!!
    Although, as crazy as it sounds, I ordered a cover for a new Moleskine planner from Ren Art in scuffed, brown, leather. Maybe that would satisfy me. (along with a new laptop bag in scuffed, brown leather) and an Indianna Hat!! LOL

  4. Rather than horses, apparently the most common repair that Filofax UK found was being requested in the late 1980's was to restore ring mechanisms after being crushed by cars, when the Filo had accidentally been left on a bonnet or roof. (In those days such repairs were possible. Not sure about today.)


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