09 July 2010

Free For All Friday No. 86

Quite a few of us will admit to having more than one Filofax organiser... ok more than 2 even... But when people ask me about my Filofax and then I produce two or three of them in different sizes the next question is often...'why have you got more than one?' or 'why do you need more than one?'

How do you answer these sort of questions?

But as it's Friday, don't forget that we are interested in anything Filofax related.



  1. Am thinking of coming back to Filofax after a year or so away (have been using Moleskine planners instead). Thanks for keeping so much great content on the site.

  2. Well, one can't have so much of good stuff!

  3. i just explain elizabeth taylor had more than one husband, julia child had more than one wooden spoon, ben franklin had more than one idea, and james joyce had more than one pen

  4. Hello again everyone

    So I know have 4 filofaxs

    A5 Identity - my main one, got everything in it. lol

    A5 Pink Finsbury - Journal, reading/DVD lists etc.

    A5 Brown Cuban - School Filofax, got non sensitive info on pupils etc.

    Personal - One I take to school to make note then transfer to Cuban.

    Now I am really after another one.....maybe the personal Heart one....problem
    is, I don't know what I could use it for. So please someone, give me ideas so I
    can justify buying another filofax. lol

    Gail x

  5. Good morning! Two filofaxes... simply one is for personal life and one for business with sections for each project I work on... First year keeping two filos actually after about 20 years with just one... The only change I think I might make is not bother with a calendar section for business...

  6. My raspberry Finchley arrived yesterday afternoon. It is a thing of beauty.

  7. I have 5, I think...

    A5 Lyndhurst,
    Personal Kendal,
    Personal Kensington (slimline),
    Pocket Lyndhurst.

    The 5th? My son is a recent convert, so he owns it now.

    Personal and A5 have day-to-a-page, slimline and pocket have week-to-view. The other pages I use are identical across all 4 - 3 sections, for notes, 1 for reference, 1 for contacts.

    I only ever take 1 with me at any one time, so nobody really sees the others. Which one I take depends on lots of things, and there's not enough room in this comment to elaborate... :-)

    My wife doesn't mind the number I have, but how I decide which one to take often leaves her quite flummoxed!


    Pete Mac in Sydney

  8. I bought a personal size Domino in lavender this week. I've been in love with the Finsbury for a while but couldn't afford it so I bought the Domino until I've saved up - then I can just swap the insides over. Already it has completely revolutionised my life, I'm looking forward to the weekend so I can make some dividers collaged with photos I love.

  9. I dont have *ONE* of ANYTHING.

    Seriously, I'm a bit of a packrat and a compulsive second hand shopper. I probably have about ten or more personals and a small assortment of the other sizes.

    But that's chicken feed compared to my other collections (books, pocket knives, pens, music).

    I also own more than one pair of pants.

  10. ooh, now I am very guilty of multiple filofaxes......what can I say, they are things of beauty and my weakness........

    I have an A5 Finsbury pink for the main home one, it houses all family and house info.

    I use a personal domino snake in natural as my main filofax for appointments and all my personal stuff, love that one.

    I have a pocket butterfly in pewter for my on the go handbag filofax, love it for the external pocket and cute size.

    Then I have my 'spares' which I bought recently as I found them all in the sales, they consist of:

    pocket chino (£7.50!!!)
    pocket opal (£10)

    personal finchley black (£36)
    personal classic pink (£32)
    personal domino grape (£10)
    personal metropol pink (£11)
    personal mode aqua/pink (12)

    and others:
    personal domino snake dark brown
    personal butterfly pewter
    slimline classic cherry

  11. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding, but I think it would be really confusing to have multiple calendars in multiple Filofaxes--how do you avoid time conflicts if you don't have it all in one place?

  12. 1. You only need one.
    2. You can only use one at a time, realistically.
    3. Starts getting expensive to own more than one.

    By that logic we should only own one pair of underwear. Hopefully that is NOT the case. However, in the event that IS the case, please reply via blog rather than in person. No offense!

  13. Jeff makes a good point, more than one calendar is confusing. It's back to the old idea of "work" vs. "home." If I have a "work Filofax" and I'm at work, but I have an idea or appointment that pertains to home, how do I record it? And vice versa. True, you could just make a note, then enter it on the appropriate agenda, but that adds another layer. Most time management pros say have ONE calendar, for both work and home appointments. I agree, but I use two Filofaxes. Only my Slimline goes with me, everywhere, and that's the one with the calendar. My Personal is the "master" organiser, which holds everything except the calendar. Any notes or pages I write on the Slimline end up being filed in the Personal. One could theoretically get by with one Filofax, but I like to travel light, hence the Slimline. Any pages that I think I'll need on a given day (maps, lists, etc.) can be moved from Personal to Slimline easily, as they use the same page size.

  14. I only have one right now, a personal black Finchley that I use for everything. I am getting a pocket or mini one soon because I am getting a job in the medical industry that requires a smaller size! Then I will use the small one for work and the Personal for everything else. I suppose that is how I would answer the question if anybody asked.

  15. My personal is my master filofax calendar and has all my personal appointments and places I need to be in it. It also has a more journal type entry system, allowing one place for all my fun stuff and appointments. This is my personal fun filo.

    My A5 home one only has home/family related stuff in, the mundane things like household chores, decorating items needed and any house related information and numbers (gas, electric water emergency stuff, insurance etc). I keep records of room sizes, when we decorate I record how much paint was used in rooms and wallpaper amounts, so next time we decorate we can see how much we used last time. Very useful info but not needed to carry around with me so saves cluttering up my personal. No real calendar used here, just notes for chores etc. Plus medical records and dental stuff so I know when checkups are due. This is the family/house goto.

    My pocket one has the bare bones in it, just stuff I need with me, very basic appointments only diary in this one, no waffle just times/dates etc, notes on the go and shopping lists while Im out and much used addys and numbers.

    My 'spares' are there to swap with if I fancy a change of cover, and to store spare or used pages in that I don't need to carry.

    I use the slimline as a financial filo, frees up space in my personal one and allows me to keep all financial info together in detail.

  16. I only have one Filo (Personal Finchley) for my business and personal. What I miss is the extra paper to write phone messages in and issues that arise on a daily basis. (something better than a personal size piece of paper)
    Solution: I had a lengthy discussion with Laurie and did some research.
    I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, rustic Ren Art cover for my Moleskine "large" day on a page planner. What it gives me the extra pages in a fine book (with my name on the front and preprinted dates on each page) that I can make my drawlings, write "to dos" for each day and note my phone calls for future use. I can't thank Laurie enough for "hooking me up" to the Ren Art website.
    If anyone remembers my hope of a planner that looks like it was run over by a stampede of horses, well this is definetly the picture perfect item. I have sent Laurie pictures for her reveiw and enjoyment and hopefully she can help me post them.
    Now if I can just get Filo to make a planner that looks like this.

  17. BabyD, where do you find these sales? I'm headed to the UK (London) this month and would love to scoop up some "spares" at bargain prices!

    I've been reading this great blog for some time but don't think I've ever posted. I would answer "why do you have more than one pair of shoes?!" Each filofax has a different style, as do the inserts, and fits different seasons/situations. Since I encountered filofax/planners two years ago, I have acquired:

    -5 filofaxes (mini, pocket, personal), though two will be sold soon since I don't really like them
    -3 Brighton agendas in sizes compatible with the filofaxes
    -some other brands with also-compatible ring configurations.

    I mix and match inserts depending on format I like best. For instance, Brighton's monthly insert is way nicer than filofax's for the pocket size, and they fit the same binders, even though paper size is slightly different.

    I only use one calendar, so no confusion.

  18. I have 4 filofaxes and all are in use, well nearly all.
    1. A5 Zipped Finsbury which I use solely for work, nothing else.
    2. Personal Pearl Panama for everyday use which I only started using this year because I needed more room to write than offered by the pocket size I have been using for 5 years.
    3. A Pocket Gharani strok which I picked up at Heathrow for a steal. I just love this binder and will probably go back to it at some stage.
    4. A Pocket Classic which when i bought it was known as a 'Cross' in tan. This is my 'back up disc'. It houses all my old and current information in case I loose my master copy. You know, all those website logon names for sites you dont remember and heaven knows what the password is/was? Household room sizes etc, in case you find that 'perfect' piece of furniture.
    I would dearly love a slimline to use everyday and transfer back as mentioned by Den but I just cant justify it.
    I have to say, I am very pleased to find like minded filofax junkies. I have even taken to buying them as presents to get my fix. lol.

  19. thanks for all the info! I might get a second Filofax, a Slimline, to use as a wallet/journal as mentioned here: http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/2010/02/using-my-slimline-filofax-as-my-wallet.html

    Right now I'm always carrying a small notebook with me and a wallet and would like to combine them.

  20. Jeff: Another alternative to the regular Slimline is the Pocket Slimline, at present Filofax USA doesn't carry one, but check out the Guildford Extra Slim on the Filofax.co.uk site. Other U.S. vendors have the discontinued Pocket Slimline Topaz model also, in red, brown and black. It's leather, but has a faux lizard skin exterior.

    The advantage to the Pocket slimline is that it really is billfold wallet-sized, so it can fit in a gent's front pocket, breast pocket, maybe even the back if you don't forget and bend the rings sitting down. The regular slimline, at 7 1/2-7 3/4 inches long, is about an inch too long for that. Regular Slimline works in side pockets of fatigues, painter's or cargo pants, though. Otherwise you have to carry it in something. And to me, that detracts from its portability, which would seem to be the main raison d'etre of both size Slimlines. If you have to bring a bag to carry it, might as well bring a Personal and gain the capacity advantage.

  21. @Petra: I found the reduced ones at Rymans and John Lewis stores, both are currently selling lots for half-price........lots of bargains to be had

  22. I've recently returned to using a Filofax, and am now using two.

    One is a Pocket Urban, which I carry around and contains my diary, to-do lists and essential information.

    My other Filofax is a red A5 Graphic. This stays at home and is used for personal projects and goals, wish lists, and various other bits. I'm still working out exactly how best to use this.

    I use the diary in the A5 to record when I have done things I should do regularly, e.g. exercise. Not sure if it helps my motivation at all but I might as well use it for something.

    I have a question: where do you get your A5 paper from? Do you pay for the official Filofax paper (which is very nice but pretty expensive), or have you a cheaper option? I'm in the UK so A5 paper is easy to come by, but is usually not punched correctly for the binders.

    Thanks for the great website. It's been a source of inspiration in using a Filofax again.

  23. @Howard: if you already have the paper, I'd invest in a good hole punch. I got a metal Time/System through ebay, that works brilliantly.
    I also bought some perforated blank paper from time/system, which I bought before I got the hole punch.

  24. Hi Den:

    Thanks so much for the suggestions, this is the one you suggest, right?:


    hard to decide if this would be a better solution than just a moleskine and a wallet.

    Philofaxy had me write a blog entry once about how I use my A5 but I think I'd have to rethink my whole approach these days.

  25. Hi Jotje,

    Yes a hole punch sounds like a good idea. I'll have to see if I can get paper without holes in it already, otherwise the existing ones get in the way.

  26. Jeff: that's the one. One factor that you might consider is how many credit cards do you need to carry. The Guildford Extra Slim Pocket has slots for two, maybe a third in the pocket below. You could always add a plastic card holder if you have more. Folding money could go in front or back vertical pocket. There are some Pocket Topaz Slimlines up on fleaBay currently. These Pocket Slimlines are truly for the minimalist, but that's precisely why I like them. Years ago Ron Laing, Managing Director of Filofax UK surprised the fF community when he was asked which model he carried--he said mini!

    "Ron Laing, Filofax UK Managing Director, uses a mini personal organiser that measures only 120mm x 90mm. Says Ron, 'People are surprised when they find out I use such a small organiser, but for me portability is the most important consideration. My mini Filofax organiser is “my bible” – it travels with me everywhere, whether I am going to a business meeting, travelling abroad or playing a round of golf. It’s ideal because it fits easily into a jacket, shirt or trouser pocket without being restrictive.
    'As well as my diary, my mini organiser contains practically everything I need when I am out of the office – important telephone numbers, notepaper, maps, a pen and business cards. (That means at least I’ll never get lost, always be able to write a note, introduce myself professionally or phone a friend!)' I tried the mini, IMHO too small. And at the time Ron was interviewed, the only map that was available for "mini" was a world map, not that useful when lost! More available now, but truly in "mouse type." The Slimline Pocket models seem better suited for portability. Bigger, thinner (no strap connecting front and back cover), no full width "wallet" pocket--the pocket slimlines are just more elegant. More city map selections, too.
    I think I said to myself at the time, "can my life be more complicated than the Managing Director of Filofax?" If no, why must I lug an A4, A5 or even a Personal around?" So for me, my carry everywhere fF is at minimum, a Pocket Slimline; at maximum a Regular Slimline. Many reporters carry the Regular Slimline because they can integrate their notes into a Personal (same size papers), back at the office.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Some of you are asking about A5 inserts...Well I make most of mine. I get the paper from a shop called The Paper mill shop, they do a large A4 box about 1.5 inches deep and you fill it with A4, A5 sized card and paper in any colour for only £4. The paper is of beautiful quality some of it embossed and I make my own inserts. They make my FF look pretty nice too and the quality of the paper is much thicker than normal 80gms.

  29. @Howard: I assume Staples would have regular white (or even coloured!) A5 paper, unperforated. Of course you'll probably have to buy a huuuuge supply ;-)

    As for differnet FF sizes: I have an A5 Finsbury pink for work (2pages/day), an A5 Domino red with all notes on PTA meetings and other school-related appointments and stuff, a personal Domino lavender as budget planner and temporary household chores planner (the latter function will be taken over by the Organised Mum Life Book in September), a Mini Finsbury raspberry as my purse/planner on the go (carries all appointments)/shopping list/menu planner/library list (so I won't forget which book to return on what day).
    I found an unbelievably pretty Mini Classic in lilac on Ebay, that I simply couldn't resist. Will serve as archive for old and new pages for my mini. And will probably become the replacement for my finsbury one day, because I don't think it will last forever what with the intensive way it's being used.

    You think that's too many Filo's? I think not, b/c each and every of them has its own designated function. No overlaps, no mix-ups.
    I plan on getting another A5 for all the recipes I've collected over the years. The recipes are page-numbered and I will add alphabetic tabs that list main ingredients after each letter, so when I'm sitting on a huge supply of eggplants, I'll just look up all recipes listed under E for eggplants.
    My current regular binder will soon explode anyway and I also plan to toss all recipes that where disapproved by my very picky 4 kids ... ;-)

  30. I have posted gregorym's photo of his new leather cover for his Moleskine over at Plannerisms!


  31. Thank you Den for all the suggestions, very helpful! I will check out the Topaz. Surprised they discontinued it, it's nice looking.

  32. One advantage the Pocket Topaz Slimline has over the Pocket Guildford Extra Slim--The Topaz has a pen loop, the Guildford does not. Both have 11mm rings.

  33. Hello Jeff, Den is right with the Filofax Pocket Topaz as far as slimness since I've had it for two months now. I originally wanted a Pocket Guildford but I was kinda worried about the absence of a pen loop. The last thing I want to happen is to fumble for a pen somewhere when I need it. Besides, finding a Pocket Guildford is almost next to impossible for US residents.

    Anyway, I have posted photos of my Filofax Pocket Topaz on Flickr under "Chronoplan" by me, "Up_&_Away". Go check it out so you can have an idea.

  34. What got my attention on your Flickr page was the Chronoplan Mini New York! Had not heard of this German brand (www.quantis.de)'til now, but I see they have gotten things right! Three features in particular: 15mm rings is actually a great size--36 percent more capacity than the 11mm, but still a "slimline." Takes Filofax Pocket size pages and (hallelujah!) they have correctly placed the pen loop up high, so one can actually clip a regular pen or pencil to it. See the DaVinci brand from Japan, they do it this way also.

  35. I was ready to trade the absence of the pen loop on a Pocket Slimline Guildford had I found one available in the U.S. I wanted the Slimline pocket size but something that can hold a little bit more (the Chronoplan actually holds almost twice as much). What I really like about it is the supple leather material that is strikingly the same as the Guildfords' (I am already a proud owner of the Personal Zip and Slimline). It doesn't have any cardboard in between the leather, therefore, you don't need to wrestle it down to lay flat just like the Personal Guildford Slimline.

    The one thing I'm careful about though is the pen loop that lacks reinforcement. With the sturdy pen (Cross Multitech) that I'm using, I'm afraid it'll wear out faster than it's supposed to. However, with regular pens there's no need to worry about it. By the way, it came with its own mechanical pencil too - a real treat!

    Overall, there's no doubt that this little planner is built to last a very long time. It complements my Guildford collection perfectly that I don't feel I'm "cheating" on my Filos with Chrono :) The Pocket Slimline Topaz is always ready to take on the job on leaner days.

    Thanks for checking out my photos at Flickr. That was my first time there.

  36. Not a bad combo: German planner, English pages. Now add a Japanese pen and you would arguably (and I fully EXPECT, nay welcome argument) have three of the most organised nations contributing to your productivity. But I was told one should NEVER generalize!

    * PS I also heard that the SWEDES all carry Filofaxes (or Time/system).

    *PPS Aren't you GLAD you filo?
    Don't you wish EVERYONE did?

    (apologies to the Dial soap advert)

  37. Thanks for the info/photos of the Topaz and the Chronoplan, I had never heard of that brand. I think a Moleskine journal is a bit smaller but there is an advantage to being able to remove/add/reorder pages. And I love the pen loop.

  38. I am ashamed (but proud) to admit I have over 60. Does anyone want me to list them all? My hubby counted last night and wants to get me into FA (Filofax Anonymous!)

  39. I for one would love to see all 60 listed, along with their uses/purpose (even if it's just to ogle or fondle them!)

  40. Erin I would also love to see a list or photos perhaps of all your Filofaxes.
    I have just added a couple more to my collection. A personal Fresco which I got for an incredible £3.00 I think due to it only having 6 months left in the diary. This suits me fine because I have misplaced the last 6 months refill (will probably find it in November) and the binder will also serve as storage. Although I might use it as my new everyday, take with me filo since it is light weight and sits perfectly flat. Of course, that is until I get a slimline. My other bargain was an A5 Finsbury in red, again with the 6 months diary so got it for less than half price. Happily it has larger rings than my Finsbury zip so will transfer my work into this one.


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