18 July 2010

Filofax Wedding Planner....

This sprung in to my head during a very amusing few hours on line yesterday exchanging messages on Twitter the participants know who they are....

It occurred to me that may be there should be a Filofax Wedding Planner Lifestyle set to complement the existing Lifestyle Packs

So what would the Wedding Planner include? I had a look at some of the 'on-line' versions and came up with the following list of things to include:
  • Address Book
  • Bookmarks for useful websites
  • Budget
  • Check lists
  • Guest list
  • Menus
  • Suppliers
  • Table seating plans
  • Gift list
Now some of those sections can be easily done from existing Filofax inserts, but there are some that you would need creating...

Have I missed anything out that you think should be included? Please add the details in the comments below. As usual I will make the finished set of pages available in our files section. It's nearly 25 years since I got married in September 1985, so a lot has changed! Prices have gone up a little, ours cost £800, I don't think you would get any change from £8000 these days... !!

Of course you would need to dedicate a separate organiser to your wedding planner/honeymoon travel planner, I will leave you to enjoy deciding which organiser would be best suited to this duty... Deco Ivory for the white wedding may be? But may be an A5 would be more practical, how about a Finsbury in Pink, which of course you can use afterwards.  Anyway I'm sure you will have fun picking one for yourself.

Oh and as for the wedding we were trying to plan on line yesterday, we are just lacking a few essential ingredients... date, venue... oh and a groom... but we have decided that like all good Filofax Organisers... he must be well organised and be able to lie flat...!!



  1. Excellent idea! But why stop there? How about a Filofax Divorce Planner? According to reports, it's a degree of magnitude more difficult to get out than to get in.

    For the latter, something in either red (husband's bank account following), black (mood) or a particularly unpleasant shade of green (jealousy). Lizard skin would be à propos. (Ostrich for the Wedding Planner)

    Perhaps the Wedding and Divorce Planner Lifestyle Packs could be "bundled" together...just in case.

  2. What are the current stats for divorce, 50%? So maybe only half of the wedding planners would have the Divorce Pack included!!

    Don't forget the PreNuptual Section!!! It will make that impending divorce go that much more smoothly. ;)

  3. Laurie, I was thinking the same thing, the pre-nup thing. =)

    Maybe we can include a memories section for the wedding planner - one to write down where the shower was, where the bachelor/bachelorette party was held and what happened during these events, though maybe one might not want to put such things in writing. ;)

    Also, and idea list maybe to brainstorm some wedding themes and/or colors and ideas for flowers and/or favors.

    And maybe it should come with two Pocket size inserts, one for the maid of honor and one for the best man for whatever planning they must do. (I am the maid of honor for my friend's wedding in September, so these things are on my mind and my Filo has come in very handy for all the lists I must keep!)

  4. Let's think outside of the box for a moment. What if the couple is only living together? There are still myriad details that need to be tracked in a household, whether or not said union has been blessed by the Church or State.

    Aha! The Filoshack!

  5. How about a Gifts Received Section? Also include the name of the giver and a column to indicate if a Thank You Note has been sent. I have to agree, I think the Ivory Deco would be perfect. If the wedding planner paper could also be in cream that would be beautiful! I can just imagine the excitement a bride to be would have when opening her Filofax Wedding Planner!!

  6. My wedding was pretty informal. The hardest part of the planning was find a Justice of the Peace who was a Democrat. (Not that easy to do in Texas.)

  7. uhmmm i was looking on etsy for random filofax things and saw this listing


  8. That's great! Contains a lot of what we've talking about, though we've come up with a few things they did not think of. However, pretty paper might be a must in this case.


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