31 July 2010

Back in the day...

I was casually looking back through the archives this afternoon and spotted a gem of a post by Nan back in May 2007 and what you said then Nan needs to be shouted from the roof tops! I've read on here so many times recently about people changing this and changing back and getting themselves in a right twist....Filofax meltdown almost...

You should all take another read of Nan's post 'Cooling Off Period' there's lessons to be learnt for all of us.... and in the long term it will save you some money... money you might be able to spend on a more expensive Filofax... now you definitely want to read that post again!!

There is a definite sense of joy I get reading back through the archives and especially the comments.. I once started at the beginning and worked my way through every post, it took me about a week doing a year every day I recall.

I think I should do it again but with a mind to pointing things out to our modern day readership... Searches are ok, but someone who has read an article and can remember a question that has come up and can point you in the right area is a lot nicer!


  1. Hoo boy, how much planner angst did I have in that comment?? Wow!

  2. Thanks for this post. I had a column format added to my A5 order, in addition to it's default wpp, and it hasn't even shipped yet and I was going about tracking down a dpp insert for 2010, and almost spent a bunch to ship it. After reading this and the linked post, I took a deep breath and decided to try out what was already coming before replacing it. I've already spent way too much ordering what I have, and who knows - I might end up loving the column format (just not sure what to do about day specific todo's on that format)

  3. ok that trial didn't last long. Tried the column format for two days and that was enough. A5 2010 dpp ordered from France :) I love the calendar view, but there is no dedicated space for todo's and even less possible space for them than in my wpp personal size.


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