18 July 2010

Filofax Intimidation

As we all know by now (and if you didn't already know, here's your memo:), most of the colored styles of Filofaxes are limited edition, usually for one year only.

In fact, all of my Filofaxes (with the exception of only my red A5 Domino) are either completely discontinued or in the process of being phased out.  Which means...each one is irreplaceable.

Which makes me almost too afraid to use any of my Filofaxes!!

My Buckingham, which is my very first real Filofax, has had a very hard life and is only barely starting to show signs of wear on its smooth leather.  It holds a position of high honor in my Filofax collection.  It's the wise old grandpa with loads of stories of life on the road.

My gorgeous Deco, in the being-phased-out Ivory color: should I preserve it rather than risk spoiling its beauty??

My Finsburies in purple and green are no longer made in those colors.

Even my purple Domino, which is certainly affordable enough to be replaced if needed, is no longer made in the Grape color I love.

On the one hand, I think what a shame it would be for any of these to get ruined, especially the Deco, my "Dream Filofax."  How could I bear an ink splotch or deep gouge, knowing I could never replace it??

But on the other hand, life is meant to be lived, and Filofaxes are meant to be used.  Yes I might mess up my Filofaxes.  But what fun is it to just look at them on the shelf?  They are not museum pieces.  They are meant to be used, filled up, and loved.

Do you have a Filofax you are almost too afraid to use?  Or any that hold a position of "high honor" in your collection?


  1. I have a Finsbury Personal that is still in its box, unused... same as the day I bought it over a year ago.

    However, I'm considering using it as my journal Filofax for next year as there are a larger selection of diary inserts available for the personal compared to the A5 I use at present.

    It will also work better with my personal slimline which I use as my agenda/wallet which will make interchanging the pages/information easier.

    Totally agree, use these objects of desire... they just gather dust on shelves... but there is something about a new unused Filofax that is so hard to put in to words!

  2. I guess you just have to pass the beginning. It's like buying a new couch. In the beginning you barely dare to sit on that thing, you vacuum it twice a day for fear of soiling it and the kids get into trouble if they dare enter the living room with something edible in their hands.
    Then as the first weeks have passed, you know it's sufficient to vacuum it every other day, most food stains can be removed with plain water, and the couch really becomes "lived-in".
    That's how I proceed with my filofaxes. I start slow, then it really becomes MINE and I value it even more.
    I mean: anyone could have a brandnew looking Filo! Just go to the store and buy one. But only a few get to look at very well-used, scared and worn-in Filo's, that are a pleasure to use and and even greater pleasure to look at.
    Whenever I browse Flickr, I'm most delighted by those used Filo's ;-)

  3. No, the models I own I use them.
    Or they sit in a drawer while waiting their turn to be used ;-)

    I don't mind them being worn out. On the contrary. I reminds me of the time passing.

  4. I understand the desire to keep new things new. However, I agree that a well-used Filo is a better Filo, not only for the look of it, but for the love of it as well.

    My first Filo (a brown personal domino) holds a special place in my heart, though it is only being used to hold specialty inserts (to-do pages, financial pages, address pages, etc). It is starting to look worn, but it's worn with love. Many of my other binders I loved when I first got them and the love has worn off. This is not to say that I no longer like them, but maybe I'm not as infatuated with them as I once was. The chocolate personal classic I will always love. And of course my personal Guildford is my current "active" love.

  5. I am afraid that someday my gentle husband will find my filo/FC closet and go ballistic!

  6. So, someone asked me to list my 60 (at last count actually 58) filofaxes. Ally, I know how you feel about your husband finding your stash. Mine found mine the other night and counted and I was horrified as I really didn't think I had that many. And, like Laurie, I am afraid to use some of them for fear of ruining them. For example, my Eton has been sitting in my closet for a few years, but I don't want to use it because it was so expensive, etc.
    But, I too, love the look of a well used and well loved Filo. Did anyone see the movie "27 Dresses" where the main character has a red personal sized Filo that I think is Finsbury. I think that's where my addiction really started because I love that actress and loved the movie.

    Here they are:
    (Personal sized):
    Piazza: violet, blue, and 2 rose
    Adelphi: damson (purple) and black
    Eton: black (yummy leather)
    Classic: pink, chocolate, cherry tan (used off ebay)
    Finsbury: brown, 2 raspberry, pink, light blue, red, and aqua
    Panama: dark green
    Finchley: pink, red, chocolate, tan
    Cuban: 2 chili, 2 saddle brown, chestnut, ink
    Deco: Ivory (I know, Laurie, I love mine too but haven't used it yet)
    Lizard: hunter green
    Domino: gooseberry, slate, lavender
    Guildford: black

    (A5 sized):
    Classic: 2 pink, black, cherry, chocolate
    Finsbury: 2 pink (1 zip), raspberry, red, aqua
    Cuban: 2 chili, saddle brown, ink, chestnut
    Finchley: chocolate, black, red
    Topaz: brown
    Belmont: tan
    Chameleon: spring green

    Here is my biggest fear: when I die, my husband won't be around to explain my obsession and love of planners, especially Filos. Whoever comes to clean out my possessions (probably one of my nephews/neices since we don't have kids) will think I'm a real nut job. Maybe I should leave a note in the top one? Maybe I should hide them all around the house so it takes a while to find them? Sometimes I think about giving away or selling some of them so that I am not so obsessed. AND,,,,I can't justify buying any more since I have SOOOOO many.

    Also, I always have the problem of which one will I use, I am ALWAYS changing it and it drives my sweet hubby crazy. Any ideas from all your Filofanatics out there? Thanks for letting me vent!

  7. Erin, LOL! May I steal your idea of scattering your Filo collection around the house so whomever comes to clean out your stuff won't think you a posthumous nut-job?!

    I'm single, live alone and have stopped counting my planners.

    I'm loving your idea of hiding them to make the collection appear less, um, "dramatic" than it actually is!!!!

    (Of course, that means that, until I die, I will constantly be searching around for the one I want, muttering under my breath, not remembering where I hid it...)

  8. Yes, of course you may steal my idea of hiding them around the house Yvotchka! I know I will still seem crazy, but at least it will take a while for the realization to sink in for whoever cleans out my Filofaxes!!

  9. When i buy i new Filo i love it ! I am scared to use it especially when there limited !But then I think not many others have the chance to be using a brand new limited Finsbury so i get over my fear and use it and love it. Anyway when there worn out it gives them more character and shows how they have been loved, and theer story.

  10. Laurie I think if you buy the family pack with Filo from the Filofax UK website the filofax provided is the Domino in grape

  11. Hi Karen, that is true, the Family Organiser in personal size is the Grape Domino. Also, the Domino is available in the US in lots of colors (including Grape) but many of those are in the process of being phased out.

    The good news about Dominos though is that they are always coming out with new colors! (I LOVE the lavender, electric blue and slate!)