19 July 2010

Hartmann binder

Philofaxy reader Gabe emailed me today to ask what I thought of this Hartmann binder.  He is thinking about buying this one, and plans to use Filofax refills in it.

I am not familiar with this brand, but wow this binder looks gorgeous.  (And it has that fantastic secretarial pocket!)

Has anyone used any Hartmann products before?  What do you think?  Thanks for any feedback!


  1. First impression: Wow, that's great. Manufacturer with a long history and phantastic products.

    This binder looked even better to me and it was reduced from 150 to 50 $:


    3 Pockets only at the left side, why not.

    Second thought: They don't claim that their products are "MADE IN USA". Are these goods manufactured in Far East only, as a matter of fact?

    Is it really for the Filofax Personal paper format? See the Mulberry binders with their own paper size.

    How much tax and import tax to Germany will it cost? They deliver to Germany, as the homepage says.

    There is one small passage in the homepage saying:

    1983: Hartmann was purchased by Lenox Incorporated, which in turn was acquired by the Brown Forman Corporation in the same year.

    Great inspiration anyway to watch this company in the future. Thanks.

  2. It seems to have a magnetic snap closure. Be careful, it can destroy credit cards.


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