16 July 2010

Filofax Guide - Updated

I've been working on an update for the big Filofax guide for some months since the original was published. Moving house etc sort of got in the way of me finishing it off. It now includes details of the materials each organiser is made of. Anyway, the latest update is now available in our Files area. Look for Filofax.pdf .

Is there any other information you think would be useful to include in the file? Please add a comment below.

The usual words of caution apply... it's only accurate on the day it was published... prices go up prices go down.. new organisers appear... some disappear [Nooooo!!]... Oh and I'm human so please excuse any errors that have crept in. 

If anyone would like to volunteer to help me maintain this file I would really appreciate it, diving between three different websites is confusing and time consuming! If any of you could just keep a check on just one of the sites (UK, US, France or Germany) that would be a big help. I can share the Excel file with you using Dropbox so it makes it easier to keep it up to date, without needing to email it back and forth.



  1. Fantastic work Steve : )

    I have a Dropbox account and Lordy knows I'm on the US site every day...I'd be happy to volunteer for that duty.

  2. Great work Steve! One question - what is the No/Yes column for? The only suggestion I have is to maybe add headings at the top of the sheet so we know what each column refers to.

  3. Column headers are missing.

    Is this a list only of models currently in productions? Or are historical models also included?

  4. Sorry folks the headers got left out, now corrected. Yes/No is Zipped models.


  5. Steve, I'd be more than happy to help you with the German site! I'm currently travelling (going to London next week!!!), but I'll be back home on July, 26th.

  6. Iris, can you please email me via the address in our About Us page. Many thanks.


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