08 July 2010

Site Update

Just to let you know I've updated the site to one of the new Blogger Templates this morning. I've tried to keep the 'look' and 'feel' as close to the old format as possible.

The main advantage is the additional width to the page. You should be ok viewing in any resolution greater than 1024 pixels. The extra width in the body of the page will mean that when ever we include photos in a post the text will not look quite so cramped.

Any problems please add a comment and I will see what can be done.



  1. when i read this i thought to myself "it is like they switched from lined pages to blank pages mid-year"

    i like it!

  2. Ooooh this is looking pretty good!
    A cleaner, easier on the eyes version.
    Thank you Steve for taking such good care of us!!!!!!!!

  3. Ayayay!!
    I was looking at the links section... if you want you can put this description next to my 21Kittens blog: Oni's blog about her creations, not Filofax related.
    And next to the Onigiri Sama blog:
    Oni's blog about Filofaxes and other stationery freakness

  4. Looking good Steve.

    I am amazed and very pleased to see how much this blog has changed over the years that I have followed it. It has gone from an occasional post to quite a few in a months time, and I look forward to each one. This is not a slam in any sense of the word against Nan, I am sure that she did what she had time to do.

    Many thanks to Steve, Laurie and Nan, you bring us much enjoyment and many good ideas, and thanks to the readers who post comments. Something can be learned from everybody.


  5. Thanks every one for your comments.

    Oni, thanks for the link descriptions I've now added these.


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