28 July 2010

Want to practice your French?

A lovely blog post spotted on Twitter this morning


Even if your French isn't up to it...  then cheat like I do!!!


I think you will agree the photography is very good too, I need to up my game when it comes to photographing Filofax organisers... Models required !!



  1. First thought that came into my head? "Oh no, another Raspberry Metropol!" LOL I blame Gala Darling entirely (wonder, if the strategy of Filofax USA worked, and if the sales of the Personal Pink Classic they gave her, have upped?)
    Oh, and could anybody please explain the meaning of "a true binz" ??

    Have to add in all honesty, that the layout of the blog is well-done and the (close-up) pics are really beautiful. Hope she'll have tons of fun with her belle Filofax!

  2. I love what she did using the 1-6 numbered tabs with the Filofax stickers! What a great idea & fun way to use the tabs : )

  3. Oh thank you very much for this article, it's very nice !

    @ Jotje, sorry for the "another Raspberry Metropol!" but I love pink color and it changes from classic black ! "Un vrai binz" means "a mess or shambles" ! Otherwise thank you very much for the compliments! :)

    @ Yvotchka: oh yes I love my Filofax and all its little gadgets! ^ ^ Thank you!


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