30 July 2010

Free For All Friday No. 89

So tomorrow is the last day of July, August is just around the corner. I've been here in France two months now.. Life is good...

I picked up a comment from Filofax UK this week that their sales of organisers are higher now than they were in the 1980's... not sure if that equates to more people using them.... or as  a similar number of people owning more than one or two or three or four... ok enough! I would think the range of organisers available now is far higher than I remember it back in the 1980's. Certainly more colour choices.

Anyway as it's a Friday please discuss anything you wish that is Filofax related. ...... Bonne Weekend


  1. Good Morning

    Could anyone please write a review of the new Malden Filfax? Preferably personal size and ocre color. Most important question to be answered: Does it lay flat?

  2. I definitely think it is because now there are so many more designs and colours - the filofax has become such a fashion statement as well.

    I have a very lovely A5 red finchley that i was using for work however when I saw the Domino Bronze Snake A5 (and saw the reviews on here) I just knew I had to swop - my Finchley is now a notebook for essential info at home.

    Likewise I have a Personal Adelphi slimline that I upgraded to a Adelphi Personal and I also have a couple of pocket sized ones too.

    The number of new designs and styles and especially the afforable ones means you can change the binder more often. And we all know the joy of having all new binder and blank pages to play with - talking of which must be time to go shopping again for some new additions :)

  3. @HP Fuchs
    Yes, the Malden does lay flat! The leather is very soft & beautiful to touch.
    See my pics on Flickr.

    And if you happen to understand German, please visit my Filofax blog: www.filomaniac.blogspot.com. I'll post a review next week.

  4. Hallo Iris

    Great, I'm looking forward to your review. What colour is your Malden Filofax on Flikr? Crimson or ocre?

  5. @HP Fuchs
    It is indeed ochre, Personal size. Bought it in London last week.

  6. you know what we need to talk about... repairs. what do you do when the once lovely leather tab closure turns into something that looks like it was malled by a pack of mangey ravenous wild dogs, hmmmm?

    it is distressing! especially when you have a model that is not in production anymore and hasn't been in over a decade.

    what do you do?

  7. Sounds like a great business opportunity for someone adept with leatherwork...Filofax repair/refurbishment.

    I think the reason sales are up is multifaceted. The fashion factor (Anna Wintour), the practicality factor (one cannot be on one's mobile talking and taking notes on the device at the same time--DUH!) and what I call the qualitative factor (my thesis being that the QUALITY of thought [business or creative] is enhanced by writing longhand rather than typing--at least in the first draft).

    A few years ago Filofax did a survey that revealed that senior management were still using paper for the most part--only the middle management minions (and below) were flocking to the PDAs. Why? It's impossible to PLAN with a PDA, for one thing. The minions would appear to be wising up.

  8. Hello all, I have a dilemma. I'm thinking of buying pocket Domino as a present to my 15 years old niece. Do you think it's a good idea? Do your children use filos? Or do you think it's too early? Thanks a lot for help.

  9. Katka, I think it's a great idea to buy your niece a pocket Domino. I started using filofax-lookalikes at 12! Just choose a fun colour. And even if she won't use it just yet, she could always buy a new refill in later years and use it then. The binder itself won't go to waste ... ;-)

  10. Hi Katka,

    I too think it is a good idea. It encourages thought, and does much to promote the idea of keeping a journal, and a record of what they are doing.

    Over the years I have started giving my young friends a nice notebook, usually a Moleskine, but lately Rhodia Webbies. I ask them to write down one thing every day that they are grateful for. This does two things, it gets them in the habit of writing every day, even one sentence, and, when they are having a down day, it helps to pick it up and find something uplifting written by their new favorite author, themselves!


  11. @Katka
    In my opinion it all depends not so much on her age but on whether your niece is into stationery, pens, diaries and so on - or not. When I was 15, I would have been over the moon if someone had given me a Filofax (or any other planner...)

    But, as Jotje has already pointed out, if she doesn't use it now, she'll always be able to buy a diary/refills for it later...

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Iris,
    Did you get to see the Pocket Malden when you were in the store? Does it have the full width wallet pocket?


  14. @Dilaila
    Sorry, I didn't have a look at the Pocket Malden.
    The Filofax UK catalogue (p. 15) does show an illustration of the Pocket size with this full width wallet pocket - but to be sure, better email them about it.

  15. Jotje, Crofter, Iris...thanks a lot for help. Let you know how she likes it :o)

  16. Late to the party but I wanted to add: I would have loved a Filofax at 15! I used a planner to keep track of my school assignments and exam dates, and wouldn't have been able to function without it.


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