06 July 2010

Vintage Mulberry

Here is another excellent guest post from Bernhard, about a brand similar to Filofax that I am not familiar with:  Mulberry.

Even more "Filo" than Filofax

On July 6, 21.47 CET ends an eBay auction for a vintage Mulberry organiser. This binder looks real classic with only slight traces of handling.

In the 80-s, Filofax and Mulberry were equal competitors but Filofax managed to become better known. The Filofax Personal paper format was copied by many no-name manufacturers so one could buy it in almost any stationery.

The Mulberry was the more exclusive brand with higher prices for the binders, only a few retailers and a different paper size than the Filofax Personal.

Today, Filofax offers a middle-priced range of organisers produced in unknown factories all over the world. Mulberry however developed to be an extreme luxury brand with various "Agendas" (14 x 17,5 cm) for 225 Pounds each and "Planners" (A5) for 325 Pounds.

Although these prices are astronomically high for a binder, a look at the Mulberry.com website shows that these products are not stamped "Made in England" any more. They carry the Mulberry legend and logo, that's it.

My advice for anybody who wants to buy this vintage binder: Go for it, but do not forget that Mulberry uses an other paper format than your Filofax. You can not fill the Mulberry with your Filofax papers. Good luck anyway!


  1. New or old, the Mulberry line gives me "sticker shock." As a FiloPhile, I'm like the proud owner of a Jaguar whose neighbor just pulled up in a Bentley.

    Pocket Executive Slimline
    Personal Epping
    Bible Inning (Plus)
    A5 Director (Time/system)

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  3. The Mulberry is sold. It went for EUR 98,97!

    For this price, you can buy a brand new Adelphi Personal, Cuban Personal or Slimline or a Piazza Pocket.


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