26 July 2010

City Project

No, I'm not going to write about repairing potholes or building a new park.

Since the beginning of 2010, I've been using the City Dweller Lifestyle Pack in my Personal Filo. I put some of the included forms (you can see them in the original post): Travel Itinerary, Party Time, Budget Sheet, as well as the usual To Do, Contacts, and Notes pages, in hopes that I'd find a use for them. Sadly, this year hasn't been big for either travel or entertaining.

But there was one form that the City Dweller didn't include that I needed: a Project form. Of course, I could have gotten my hands on a standard Filofax Project Planner, but since my Personal was now all-City Dweller-all-the-time, I wanted something that matched.

So I created it myself! I used Microsoft Word, with a table for layout. That way, I could add a gray fill to the table cells to create the gray background used in City Dweller forms. I also removed the table borders, since the gray blocks are supposed to be borderless.

It's not a masterpiece, but it gave me the consistent look I was seeking. And I've used this form more than any other. You can download it from our files page.


  1. Hi Nan
    How are you finding these lifestyle packs? Is it a major disadvantage that you can't buy the individual sheets? So if you use one more than another you can get top-ups?


  2. Hi Steve -- I'm only planning to use the City Dweller for a year, so the lack of being able to buy individual forms isn't a problem for me. I have a lot of forms left over, and I'll use them in my Filo as the need arises.

    The Lifestyle Packs come with an interesting variety of forms, though, and I'll probably use one again in the future.

  3. Nan, how do you like the layout of the diary pages?

  4. The diary is w2p, with each day spanning across both pages. I really like this layout! I write appointments on the left-hand page, and the right-hand page is divided into 2 columns

    I use one column for birthdays and other reminders, and the other column for tasks.


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