16 July 2010

Free for All Friday No. 87

I recently read an online article, and posted it on Facebook, about how cell phone signals may be harming bee populations. Steve helpfully pointed out that using a Filofax instead may be helping the bees. Of course, a Filofax can't make phone calls, but it does make it possible to use a simple cell phone for only emergency phone calls rather than using a smartphone all day long for such things as address book, calendar, notetaking, and so on.

How do you use your Filofax to live a greener life?


  1. Good Morning

    Is there a list which filofax is made of which leader? (Calf, Cow, Ostrich etc).

  2. HP, maybe that would be a project for Steve?? Steve, are you up for it? ;)

    As far as being greener, I have so many notebooks, Filofaxes and inserts I can't be considered green in my habit at all. BUT, for someone who only buys the inserts they need and keeps the same Filo year after year, it uses fewer resources than buying a whole new bound book each year.

    If only Filofax would come out with recycled-paper inserts!

  3. Actually... I've made a start on this already as part of the 'big list' of organisers so it includes ring size, price, material etc.

    We can keep adding all relevant information we can think of.

    I will get this finished off as soon as I get a spare hour or three! Moving house sort of got in the way!

  4. Done... new updated file on line. I will post about it in a moment!

  5. I try to be greener by using my filo pages for quick note taking instead of writing on post-its all day long! I absolutely hate writing notes on post-its because then I have to save until the task is done, etc.... much better writing in the filo. Well as far as Filo doings this week, today I am finally going to open the three packs of Filofax A5 ruled notepaper I received at Christmas! My boyfriend gave me my first A5 for Christmas, but the silly man didn't know that all the inserts came with it!!! I received an extra ruler, notepaper, address book, Expenses, To-Do... I've been all set! Have a great weekend everyone!

  6. I would *LOVE* to have a "Collector's Guide To Filofax".
    (And yes, it would have to be as thick as phonebook, like the guides to Swatch watches are.)

    I've mentioned it before, but I really wish there was an archive of old catalogs available. And I'll keep mentioning it periodically in the hopes that someone from the company picks up on it.

  7. JJ, it's not an archive of catalogs per se, but have you seen Filofax's photos on Facebook? The have photos of pages from old catalogs that are fun to see.

  8. The Mini paper size is about half a centimeter narrower than A7, so I get friendly with the guilotine at work and slice up A4 paper that's only been printed on one side. You do have to trim the pages down a little bit on the long edge to get them to fit, but at least most of the paper gets reused.

  9. Laurie: I'll have to check it out.

    Right now, I search Flikr for information on older Filos. It's surprising just how many are out there.

  10. I don't know if it's "green" or not, but I have a pet Filofax peeve: the page reinforcements. They're expensive, they're difficult to use, and they're never around when you need them. They're kind of like lawyers, come to think of it. (Lawyers, I'm sure you resemble that remark.) So, the workaround: A single piece of Scotch tape covering the holes, flush with the vertical edge of the page. Trim top and bottom so they are flush with the horizontal edges. Into a Filofax punch, line up, and press. Voila! Maybe this is green, because you don't have to use another piece of paper to copy down your reference info. Save a tree!

  11. Well, up until last year I used to make my own Notes pages from left-over paper from my bf's office or even paper I had lying around....somehow I stopped making more after having done some from a really bad quality paper (scratchy!), and haven't done more ever since...maybe once I get my head straightened out, I will go back to it, but using better paper!

  12. I use old diary pages as shopping lists for my Mini. Okay, the dates get in the way here and there, but overly I'm satisfied that the pages at least get used and not wasted entirely.

  13. How do you use your Filofax to live a greener life?

    Not sure it is greener (hope so), but it certainly is "quieter": I write my journal in my Filofax, I draft papers and even books (computer related). I keep on trying writing short stories that I also draft in my Filofax. I also use it to keep my calendar.

    Plus, there is the pleasure to write with a fountain pen. That is something that may not be green at all --except for that my pen is many years old and works as if it was brand new: no need to upgrade to the newest/better model every 18 months or so--but it allows me to breathe away from computers/phones, to turn them off.

    Everything seems to be quieter, as I said, and slower. It is also like if it helped me to realize it was worth passing time on what I write.


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