28 October 2010

Alternative Refills... yet another update!

OK we have discussed these alternatives may be a little too much for some people's liking. But in case you are still interested... or curious.

Sara as in @DIYSara discovered some refills in the Barnes and Noble on line store and although they don't say Filofax anywhere, she has checked out the Personal Size and they are a perfect fit and only $7 (USD), like how cheap is that. May be Sara can comment on the quality of the paper..

There is also Pocket size for $5.35 and Mini size for $4.45, I couldn't see an A5 size in the on-line store, pity really.

And if you are interested in the Quo Vadis range of planners and loose leaf refills then Amazon France stocks them, being Amazon the delivery costs are quite sensible.


  1. The store did have 8.5inch by 5.5inch on the shelf :) They were near the photo albums.

    Unfortunately I didn't purchase the refill yesterday XD

    If I do get one, I'll update you all on paper ^^

    PS - I got my first Filofax! A green "college" personal sized one from a friend :)

  2. Thanks for the update Sara, look forward to seeing your thoughts on the paper and I guess fountain pen people will be keen to know if it's a 'bleeder' or not!!

  3. FWIW, I read feedback comment on BN website regarding the planner refill pages. The reviewer said that pages bleed ink, so, was not happy with product....

  4. I've been using these B&N inserts for my Pocket and Mini Filofaxes for several years. The calendar section of the B&N inserts typically are 18 months long. B&N displays the inserts separately, along with different color binders, several times per year.