23 October 2010

News on a damp autumn/fall Saturday

Well I say damp, that is obviously just here in France!!!  But let's bring some sunshine in to your day... I hope you like the sunset that erupted through our window yesterday evening. Click on the picture to see it full size...

So we hear today that Yvotchka and Susan (Kanalt17) are meeting up for the first time in NE USA.

I'm not sure which town they are meeting in, but they didn't want to be out done by the London meet-up next month, so they are having their own mini-meet up today.

Susan is on holiday so she and her dear husband are that bit closer to Yvotchka than normal... some big distances in the US! They have promised to blog about their meet up and we are all looking forward to seeing the pictures of their smiling faces and which ever Filofax organisers then chose to take with them....

Also on the web today Millie, describes how she is using her Malden personal... and very nice it looks too, the brown leather looks just gorgeous.

I also heard today via Dan (@tean78adc) that his local Tesco Superstore are selling off discontinued Filofax organisers quite cheap, he picked up a Personal Strata for £12 and they also had Personal Cherry organisers for £4.50... there are sometimes when I wish I was still in UK!

Our contribution towards Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has stalled a little, no purchases this week. So I'm going to do a Bob Geldof (Live Aid 1985....yes it was that long ago!) on you... but without uttering F swear words.... Come on folks buy some Filofax things via the links on the site and all the commission this month and next month will be going towards and excellent cause. The purchases no matter how small will all earn some commission which will be donated to BCC by me.

I hope you are having a great weekend. 

Take care where ever you are.


  1. Beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing Steve.

  2. It's rainy here too, Steve!

    Thanks for the shout out :)

    TK Maxx have got some Filofaxes on offer at the moment.

  3. People in the UK get all the good treats! I don't think I'll ever see Filos on sale in my part of the world.

    No, that doesn't sound too jealous, does it? Haha :P