31 October 2010

Avon selling Filofax Gift Boxes

It was pointed out to me this morning on Twitter that Avon (the cosmetics people) are selling Filofax Giftboxes... thanks to @team78adc for the heads-up on this.

The ladies one I suspect is a 'Heart'? I'm not sure what model/style the mens organiser is, may be you can identify it:

Ladies Filofax Gift Set

Mens Filofax Gift Set

Filofax Keyring, now that's quite smart compared to mine!


  1. Hang on a second ..... are you actually telling me that there are MEN selling Avon ....????!!!!!

  2. It's a worrying thought Judith... the last bastion of female exclusivity has been broken down...!!!

    Your comment made me smile though!!

  3. Please be reassured Judith that the @team78adc is not on the sales team of the well know cosmetics company... but I'm sure there must be a few men working for them worldwide....

  4. Does anyone know if these ever make it to the U.S. as well? Or is it strictly a U.K. special?

  5. These Filofaxes are now available on the Avon UK shopping website, and can be found in the current online brochure. I'm not positive but based on the rings position they look to be Pocket size? They are 30 pounds each.

  6. The key on the Filo key ring looks like the only thing it could possibly open is a chastity belt! Which as a man's fob would be quite appropriate, come to think of it...