17 October 2010

The Ipcress Filofax


To: M
From: DJ
RE: The Ipcress Filofax

Subject: Deighton, Len.
Born: Central London, 2/18/29.
Mother’s name: Fitzgerald

Description: Dark complexion, 14 stone, 6 feet tall. Cruel, sardonic sense of humor. Large hands, stubby fingers used to punctuate rapid, neurotic speech. Bayonet scar palm right hand. Drinks warily, seldom smokes.

Skills—Extensive knowledge military history, modern control systems, aircraft (especially helicopters), vehicles, weapons, tactics, Marksman; never hunts animals. Good cook.

Experience—Railway man, Piccadilly waiter, Madison Avenue adman, Vogue fashion artist, photographer R.A.F. Mosquitoes, manager Aldgate gown factory. Seen Vista-Vision blue films in pre-Castro Cuba, typhoon in Tokyo, hurricane passing New York. Given talk over Soviet radio. Once fell into Hong Kong Harbor, fatty tissue saved him.

(above summary from subject’s second novel “Horse Under Water.”)

Well organised, efficient, hard worker, meticulous researcher. Admits to admiring German culture and Germans. Well-informed on current political situation in Germany, compulsively reads as much as he can in the press on Germany. Observed subject using German fountain pen (Pelikan).

Realized without an Oxbridge pedigree (or any university), he had to “fight above his weight,” and extensive research, work ethic was chosen method to do that. Now, still working at age 81, he’s proven he can go the distance as well.

Books: Highly regarded novels (primarily but not exclusively espionage genre), military history (WWII), cookery books (primarily French cuisine).

Filofax: High probability primary research organiser is Personal Sandhurst. Request M review to confirm starting at 38:23 of referenced video “The Truth About Len Deighton”—BBC4 programme. In event Filo ID is unclear, recommend consultation with specialist Bernhard in Mannheim.

In addition, subject carries what appears to be a small Finsbury pocket purse at all times, which holds a small notepad, and a pencil. In the inner pocket, subject carries a small digital camera, appears to be from Casio Exilim line. Subject actually calls the wallet “a Filofax.” Request M view video to confirm Filofax model at 46:27 of same programme.

(above summary from video at this link:

Good luck,
DJ California

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