25 October 2010

Family Tree

I'm sure some of you have at some time wondered who your ancestors are. I've not made a big effort myself to plot my own family tree but I'm managed to gather some of the information together from surviving relatives.

There are lots of on-line sites to help you put together your family tree. However talking to some of the people that do this seriously as a hobby, at some point you are going to have to visit a library or research archive and you will need to take down some notes etc. Carrying a small computer might not be the easiest way to do this and sometimes might not be allowed.

Which is where the Filofax will come in. As I mentioned a week or so ago a Filofax doesn't have to contain a diary, without it, it can be an excellent notebook.

So if you want to use a Filofax as your Family Tree notebook I've created a few sheets recommended to me by Tim one of our readers.

You will find the sheets in the files area of Philofaxy. They are in A4 format at present but I've also included the .doc or .xls files so you can download the files and modify them to your own requirements. If you booklet print the pages they will of course fit an A5 organiser.

I hope you find the new pages of help.

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