05 October 2010

Personal size leather Filofax with notepad?

Reader Ashley wrote to me with a very good question: she is looking for a leather personal size Filofax with a notepad inside the back cover.  I know of several personal-size non-leather Filofax models that have a notepad, but couldn't think of any leather ones off the top of my head.  The Filofax website shows the interiors of some of the binders, but not all.

Ashley lives in Canada.  Does anyone know which leather personal size Filofax binders, if any, have a notepad inside the back cover?

Thanks everybody!


  1. The Malden has a notepad slot, but I don't know if it's actually supplied with one when you buy it. You could buy the notepads seperately of course.
    I think it's the only Personal sized Filo with a notepad slot. More choice in the non-leather department (Songbird, Domino etc).

  2. And... the Malden is now showing on the US site... what better excuse does anyone need to buy one!

  3. I can confirm that the Malden (Personal) has a notepad slot (and a full-length pocket behind it) - here's a picture of mine. Since I bought mine "empty" at the Filofax Centre, I'm not sure if the notepad is included, but as Jotje said, you can always buy them seperately.

  4. The Malden does NOT come with a notepad supplied, just the standard diary inserts.

  5. Guildford Zip and Cuban Zip both come with a slash pocket open at the top in the back cover. I have successfully used a similar slash pocket in an old Franklin Planner for a notepad. It's a little loose, but definitely workable.

  6. Steve - WHAT??!! I'm heading over there RIGHT now to spend my money. =)

  7. Anyone know of a source of the Personal size notepads? Now I have a personal size Malden...

    My A5 and A4 like others came with a pad

    1. I've purchased Personal sized notepads from Filofax in UK.