28 October 2010

Filofax Designer Challenge?

So I know we have quite a few 'creative' people amongst our ranks. Filofax USA have just announced a competition to design a future Filofax Organiser, which will go in to production in 2011.

The prizes are very generous. Sadly entries are only open for folks in USA and Canada, but if you qualify take a look on their site for details. There are also downloadable templates and rules etc.

It has to be worth an entry if there is a particular design you would love to see again or an updated version of some thing you really liked that is no longer available. Or of course some magic new design


  1. I just submitted my entry! I've been wanting to get into fashion design and so I jumped at the chance to get one of my creations sold in stores throughout the US and Europe. This is something that could really get my career launched. I love my Filofax, so it was easy for me to create a really nice design. Stay tuned!

  2. Were the winners ever revealed for this competition?

  3. I'm not aware of them announcing the winner, you had to live in the US to enter anyway I think?

    May be email them and ask...

    Steve...in UK !!

  4. The rules and regs (here: http://www.filofaxusa.com/store/page.asp?id=138 ) say the winner will have been informed by email by Feb 8. But I'm guessing we won't see the winning Filofax for awhile, because they will probably produce a final product before we see it. But that's just my own guess.