14 October 2010

Poll - Which diary format do you use in your main Filofax?

Following an informal poll on Twitter we thought it best to be a little more scientific or democratic if you like.

There's no prizes or catches, just a simple anonymous poll. We will of course publish the results of the poll once it closes.

Thanks for taking part.


  1. I have been using the Time Management / Professional Diary system for 6 years now and its amazing :)

  2. I use pages from Quo Vadis Timer 14 system to organise my life (it's a vertical diary, one week on 2 pages).

  3. Week on 2 pages in my personal Adelphi (2010/11 calendar). From 2012 may try day timer inserts as more choice and I can get something prettier!

  4. Great idea to have the poll...
    but some choices missing such as the combo one that I use:

    Month on 2 Pages + Week on 2 Pages

    btw, both are FC products....
    but are used in my A5 Cuban.... ;)

    @ Adam R

    I just discovered the product I think you're referring to. It's the Time/System one, correct?

    If so, would love to hear more about it and why you like it so much. Unfortunately, they don't sell it at retail stores here in US, so, have to mail order it....



  5. Yes, how does this work if we use more than one format? Can we vote twice or three times? ;)

  6. In my Filo I primarily use week on two pages but I also bought month on two pages because I like having a bigger picture of the month if i need one, just so I can visualize how quickly certain events are approaching.

  7. I use month on two pages as well as week on two pages. However, for 2011, I am trying a hybrid approach,,,,Filo week on two pages and FC month on two pages because of the tabs. LOVE the tabs!

  8. I use personal size page-per-day made by a Japanese brand called DaVinci. I also use the Filofax month-on-two-pages with tabs to get a good planning picture of the month. It's harder to plan ahead on PPD sheets because you can't see as much at a glance. I used to use WO2P w/notes but kept running out of room!

  9. I too, use different formats. Week on two pages in personal, and week per page with notes in pocket. I am switching for 2011, Day-Timer day on two pages in personal, and week on two pages for the pocket.

    I don't really think your poll is going to be to accurate, and that is a good thing. It just accentuates the versatility of the Filofax.

  10. Currently in transition. I've used WOTP with appts for the past 5 years or so, and have already bought next year's. However, if I move to cotton cream throughout I might move to the French WOTP with appts ('upright' format, as FF GB don't do them.

    If I was committed to using the A5 as my primary Filo I might be tempted to use the DPP professional system, as it fits with my general 'underlying' system of time management, which is based on David Allen's system with some modifications, but as I don't want to lug the A5 around with me at weekends that's not likely to happen really.

  11. Hi from Japan. This is my first post, although I've been following Philofaxy for a while now. I use the Filofax cotton cream week on two pages that came with my Personal Eton when I bought it last year. I like the look of the brownish ink and the cream pages with the black leather of the Eton, but I wanted something lined for next year. I couldn't find a lined refill on cream paper in English. However, while on vacation in Holland this past summer, I found the exact thing I was looking for: lined week on two pages on cream paper. The layout is exactly the same as the English edition (including the "this week" box in the upper left hand corner) except that everything is in Dutch ("deze week"). I have only studied a little Dutch but it is easy enough to follow the days of the week. And now I know the birthdays of the entire Dutch royal family.

  12. Week On One Page With Notes is my chosen format but missing from the list. Rather than the filofax version which has an awful lot of other languages in the diary part, I buy a Week On One Page diary & a pack of notes and interweave the two.

  13. The poll isn't perfect I realise. Hence the wording 'in your main Filofax' If you use more than one format in your main Filofax, then please vote for the format you write mostly in.

    Even then I'm sure that a small percentage of people will still fall between two formats, unfortunately I can't alter the set up of the poll now that people have started voting to allow more than one vote.

    This isn't intended to be a seriously accurate poll, just an indication.

    I hope that all of you that have indicated their format in the comments have also voted.

    Many thanks

  14. I missed the choice that I prefer in my Winchester Personal: WOTP horizontal.



  15. I use the cotton cream week to 2 pages...... I also made a templete to fit the spaces and run it through my printer to add some faint lines to it as I hate the plain format. Once I line it it is perfect for me :) I use that along with the year planner vertical

  16. I'm using the W2P diary (German, with lines) in my "main" Filo and the DpP at home - I love to have lots of notes & quotes, stickers and other stuff, like tickets, in my diary - as you can see here.

  17. I use the Day Per Page business diary for A5 organiser, Love it

  18. I use the A5 Time Management (2 pages to a day), which is my favourite. Lots of space to write and plan.

  19. I use the Week on two Pages in Cotton Cream and in German. I love that each day hase the same space and that there is also a part with the title "this week". There I note to dos which have no specific date but a specific week. I love it!

  20. *has not hase :D

    And I wanted to add that this format has lines to write on. I need those :D

  21. BabyD @ Polish and Powder: would you be willing to share that template? I've been thinking of trying to do something like that.

    I keep trying to use the cotton cream week on two pages, but end up trying other formats because I want lines. But the cotton cream paper is the best so I keep trying again.


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