01 October 2010

'You might also like....'

I've just added this 'widget' to the site, it picks out three other articles that are loosely based on the one you are reading and offers them at the end of each post as 'you might also like...' 

At the moment it appears a little stuck in what it is offering us.. but I think given time it will learn what we do like... I've seen it in use on another website and it seemed to work ok there.

If after a couple of weeks it's still offering the post about a 'cowboy' who me?!! then I will remove it from the site template and it will disappear. 

Thanks for your patience....



  1. It seems to be working quite well, plenty of variation now.

    I always have this period of doubt when I add something new to the site. The usual 'if it's not broke... don't fix it' thought!

    On side effect I think will be that someone finding the site through a search engine will be tempted to read some of the older articles as well, and they of course will also have other related articles.

    Steve not Dave

  2. I like it! The only disappointment I've had with it is that I saw two "you might also like" articles that I did think I'd like, and clicked on one thinking I could then go back and click on the other, but by that time it had cycled on to something new. So I never got to read about amateur radio and the filofax! (I'll go Google it now)

  3. Hi Petra
    Yes it changes all the time and will in time as we add new posts.

    Also look at the labels cloud. You will find Amateur Radio listed in that as well.

    Or the search further up the side bar.

    As with all of these things there's several ways to find what you are looking for.


  4. I've now set it to show 5 posts instead of 3, which with pictures neatly fits the column under the post.

    I've also been looking at the site and the choice of posts improves as their server 'crawls' through the whole website which as you can guess might take some time give the number of posts we have.

    It then selects posts on the basis of title, content and the tags. Of course it has to update the choice each time we post a new blog post. But after a few days it seems to be working well.