03 October 2010

Getting Organised... some people are naturals

Whilst I try this diary format and that to do list, I have to envy the way some people are just seem to be naturals at being organised.

Take a look at a blog post by young working Mum Kerry, who manages to run her business and be a Mum to a 2 year old and blog and and... phew. I felt like a rest after reading about how she manages to juggle her busy life!!

In the picture you can see her A5 FC binder (clue is the odd ring spacing and the 7th ring) but with a Business Style A5 Filofax Page Per Day which as you can see she uses to great effect. This format is also available in A4, it's a format I would love to try out in Personal size.

Also our old friend the Dodo Pad calendar (Laurie can tell you all about those....) and a simple notebook for To-Do lists.

Kerry gives several tips on how she uses her planner and calendar to fit everything in to her busy working/home life. Those of you in similar situations might be able to pick up a few tips from this post.

I don't use colour coding in the way that Kerry does, do you? 

You have to admit it looks like Kerry has got it everything under control. This post was on Emma's blog another busy mum. 

I'm off in search of some coloured pens!


  1. Coloured pen?
    Try "Pilot Feed GP4 1.0"

    It has 4 colours, is durable and cheap.

  2. When I had my twins I thought the filofax system no longer worked for me (I had a pocket). The fact is the diary section was too small for my new life. I now have an A5 and colour code my diary (black pen for work, aqua for me, family etc) and yellow shaded pencil for PhD time). The new size filofax and colours really help me out. If it is not in my Filofax then it is not in my brain/on my horizon - it really is my life organiser.

  3. This is fantastic! I use colored pens to organize tasks, but I like her use of different colors of highlighters to make items stand out even more.

    I may swoon! A photo that contains a Filofax, a Dodo Pad, and a notebook! Wheee!

  4. Laurie, I'm right there with you!
    I would use this photo as PC Wallpaper!!

  5. The Business style Time Management two pages per day is the best by far, lots of space to write all sorts of things. I use it myself and wouldn't go dare go back to the normal format

  6. Looks like the blog has moved. New location is: