26 October 2010

Which diary format do you use - Poll Result

We asked the question 'Which diary format do you use in your main Filofax?' and thank you for everyone that entered the poll.

The result was not too much of a surprise with a large percentage of people using a Week on Two Pages as their preferred format. Of course there are variations within that format, but I think in general terms that format works for most people.

Here is a graph of the results, click on the picture to see a bigger version.

Again many thanks to everyone that took part.


  1. I hope Filofax sees this poll. Day per page was the second most used size. I'm wondering how many people who use that size would purchase it in cotton cream if they made it available. I wonder how many week per page users might also try day per page if it was available in cotton cream.

  2. It's probably worth noting that new organizers generally come with the W2P format; some people probably just stick to that...