09 October 2010

Filofax Mini?

Is the Mini too small? Opps sorry wrong sort of Mini... but I'm sure some of you like Mini Coopers as much as I do......

Anyway serious question... is the Filofax Mini too small for everyday use? Who buys them? Have you got one? How do you find it?

I've always thought that they were too small.... that was until I read a blog post that Judith sent me a link to.

Whilst Fi the author is just telling the reader about her Filofax Mini, what it does show is how you might be able to use the smallest of Filofax Organisers in your everyday life.

One thing I spotted in the post is that Filofax Pocket pages fit... but a little bit of folding is required to make them fit, but the hole spacing is correct.

I'm prepared to reconsider my opinion on this tiny Filofax, they start at quite low prices too.

Will I go from Pocket to Mini for my wallet? Well if I do, you will be the first to hear about it.....

Let the discussion about Filofax Mini's start here.....


  1. So adorable! (it's a mini.. I can say "adorable"!)... I really love how you can almost build a personality for your filofax with the use of colors, stickers, etc.. I definately think the mini would be a great subsitute for the pocket with its portability.. To me, a mini filo is a cross between the slimline personal and a pocket... You get the full filo (pocket) without the bulk of the size (slimline)... Hmm... maybe we should start an experiment and have a few of us go out on a trial run?

  2. Evil! Suggesting another experiment is simply evil ; )

    I am still recovering from the Pocket experiment...

    Seriously though, I use a Mini for a glove box notebook in my car to track mileage and maintenance. I can't use it as a planner - my handwriting is too big & loopy - it comes in very handy.

    I only have one...can you believe that?!

  3. I've two. A red zip-up Finsbury that is just way too girly for me to use and a black Chino that is all set up for use, but that I never really warmed up to.

    Oddly enough, both are bulkier than than my pocket Hamilton that is my small binder of choice.

    (Masculinity Saving Note: all my red binders were bought on Ebay at the minimum bid for the purpose of getting the filler and accessories they came with. I will not be caught dead with any red leather accessory.)

    1. I'd love to buy your red mini zip finsbury if you're interested in parting with it (yes I realize this post is nearly 2 years old but they're impossible to find now so I thought I;d give it a shot). You can reach me at sarahelps at live.com if you're interested. thanks :-)

  4. @Yvotchka... me evil... well may be in the way a Bond enemy is evil...!!!

    @JJ why do you consider red leather only for the ladies? I think back to a lot of classic cars MG's particularly and they had red leather seats.....

    But you will be pleased... possibly... that after the Mini I think we will have exhausted our possibilities of what size works best.

    Like all of these things if they sell a particular size.... then I think it's right that we examine it and see if there are any advantages to using it.


  5. I use a mini raspberry Finsbury as my everyday purse.

    At the front I have added a few (hacked) plastic wallets for cards, the wallet pocket at the back is perfect for cash & cheques and I can usually fit all my change in the zippy pocket.

    I've taken out the A-Z dividers as they were just being bent up by the pencil in the penloop.

    After the plastic card wallets I have some lined paper for notes on the go, shopping lists etc and then a month on two pages diary which just shows times of anything I have planned. More just a free / busy indicator incase I need to make plans and (heaven forbid) don't have my personal (Finsbury in Raspberry also) Filo on me.

    Finally there is a plastic card wallet that holds photos of those near and dear to me. I see these everytime I need to get at coinage and it also protects the back pages from the zip.

    You can see some photos in my Flickr here http://www.flickr.com/photos/enola_sneezes/5027382640/

  6. It is just to small for me. I have a couple of Pocket models, and they are very borderline. I use the personal size daily and seems no matter how bad I want the pocket size to work, it just doesn't.

  7. Another Finsbury Raspberry Mini user - and even in the exact same setup as Karens! (minus the photos, which I keep on my phone)
    I also have the lilac classic mini, which is now holding my future pages.
    I'm waiting for the production of a mini Malden, maybe they'd even make them in new colours? How cool would that be? But I won't hold my breath on that one ...

  8. I don't use a Mini but I have seen one in action as a wallet. The user kept her bills in the full-length pocket and her contacts/ addresses on pages on the rings. I can see the appeal of using a Mini as an all-in-one.

  9. I use a mini as my full-life organiser... but I do have small writing. I used a pocket for about 10 years and then decided to see if I could squish into a mini. I managed because I use cut-down pocket pages as a diary (trim the bottoms off, but keep them a little wide) - and everything else fits fine. I print filled in address pages off on the computer (with a small font) and file anything gone by away. It works! My only problem is the lack of choice - I'd love a mini Malden or Sienna.. but i could never go back to a pocket now- they seem huge. I love red leather minis best- currently using a finchley.

  10. Wow, finally a post about the Mini! I was about to write in and ask for opinions about the mini as I am currently tempted to get a red mini Finsbury to match my A5 and to use as my wallet as well. :)

    I'm currently torn though between the zipped and the non-zipped version. I believe the zipped version doesn't have a full length pocket (which can be used to hold bills), but the zip would be handy to hold my iPhone (can anyone confirm this?). The non-zipped mini's full length pocket and zipped pocket would be great to hold my bills and coins respectively, but I can't store my iPhone in it.

    Choices, choices :)

  11. Yay, thank you for the linkage :)

    The mini was really good as a personal diary - I actually bought a personal urban two days ago though because I need bigger for uni + work, but its great if you just need to write a couple of things each day.

    The only problem with using a mini as a wallet (at least, with the mini piazza) is that the coin pockets can be a little small. Not useful for those who carry a lot of coins (but perfect for those who carry only plastic).

    Also to be noted:
    no other brand's inserts fit into this.
    Less of a range of inserts
    Not good if you prefer day-a-page (unless you don't want to put anything else in it)

    But: makes a great notebook! And really good small diary!

  12. Hi Fi
    Sorry I should have warned you that your post was going to be featured...

    Thank you for your additional comments very valuable.


  13. For 1.5 years I had to travel a lot by train for a company I worked for. In my backpack I was carrying a laptop computer, spare battery, charger, food/water, personal size Filofax, a book or two, etc. I had to find a way to make my backpack lighter.

    Soon I downgraded to a mini size Filofax. A black Finsbury mini. I used it for appointments, tasks, lists, notes and phone numbers. I found out that if I wrote smaller (with a pencil 2H) I was able to put almost as much info into the mini as into my former personal size Filofax.

    As soon as I changed to a company where I don't need to travel, I switched back to a personal size Filofax (Black Personal Savannah at the moment).

    Now I'm using the Finsbury mini as a wallet for quite some time. I didn't use a wallet before that. Just kept the money in my trouser pocket...

    Conclusion: Filofax Mini format is suitable as an organiser. i recomend it to people who travel a lot and have a small handwriting.

  14. I started with a personal size for work purposes, then i realised i had to leave it behind sometimes when i go to the movies or leisure activities when it became inconvenient to bring it around, i changed to pocket size, and again i can't have it with me all the while. Now with my mini, i have it with me 24/7 and it slips right into my pocket and sleep with me on my bed.

    I use the mini as a wallet, a notebook, a to-do list, my addresses book, first-aid info, with enough room for my family photos in it. I also squeeze in a mini sized moleskine notebook for my daily journal! Now i can have best of both worlds, a filofax mini and a moleskine together with me at all times.

  15. I have a teal baroque mini that I use when travelling. It is too small for everyday use but when I am on holiday and only have a few appointments I use it as it is tiny. My life is really A5 sized so all my efforts to downsize end in Epic Planner Failure.

  16. @Zairah, the zipped mini Finsbury has the disadvantage of having to open the zip each time you have to pay (provided you plan to use it as a wallet). Are you really sure that the iphone would fit?

    Fi is right about the coin zip pocket, but it also depends on the model you plan to use. The Finsbury is just fine, even if you have many coins. The leather is very bendable, I assume the Chameleon will be even better. The best was the Kensington (discontinued, but still available on Ebay), as it had a pull-out zipped pocket. If only FF would make those again! The classic and piazza mini are of sturdy leather and therefore the coin pocket feels rather cramped...

  17. @Jotje, I only based it on the dimensions of the iPhone and the dimensions of the mini zipped Finsbury stated on the website, but I haven't actually tried to fit one in :) Has anyone here tried so?

    If the iPhone won't fit though, then I guess I really should go for the non-zipped version :)

  18. If I were using it as a wallet, I'd much prefer a zipped Mini - I always have many many coins and that's the main thing which currently makes me think that set up wouldn't work for me

  19. I have obtained a Filofax mini Metropol, recently and it links nicely between my personal and my A5 Malden. I have been trying-out small pocket notebooks, for keeping my daily information with me in my trouser pocket. I was finding my work-day A5 Malden rather too large to carry around; and, I didn't need all of my information with me at all times. I am using it for jotting-down important daily events and thoughts that link to family and work-day events. I found that a small note-book fell apart quite quickly and that a Filofax Notebook, while durable, was just a bit too large to keep in a trouser pocket. I came across the Filofax Mini and it is great for short bullet notes and events; and my A5 Malden stays safely on my desk. I don't think I would use the Mini Filofax for lots of writing, but it is a very durable and versatile 'note-book'.