14 October 2010

Filofax as a cook/recipe book

We received this question from Izzie today:
I want to use one of my personal size Filofax as a cookbook/collection of recipes. But now there is the dilemma concerning the tabs. I don't know how to organize the recipes. Should I take the A-Z Tabs? Or better six blank or numbered tabs? I am really not sure which works best. Maybe there is somebody out there who also uses a Filofax as a cookbook and can give me some advice?

Thanks, Izzie
I think another of our readers (possibly Sharon) was also looking in to using a Filofax as a recipe book?

I think it's a great idea, and a suitable organiser I guess would be one you can wipe clean.... flour and leather... hmm I'm not sure what they do to each other!

So if you can help with some suggestions, please add a comment.

Thank you...


  1. I am thinking of making a Filo Recipe Book as well. I just need to sort through the millions of recipes I have! I am thinking of using an A5 size as I can type up and laminate the pages and fit more info on them as opposed to the personal size. As for the tabs I guess it would depend on how many recipes you are planning to keep in the Filo. You could even do two - one for savoury foods (entrees, soups, mains, pasta, salads etc) and one for sweet (baking, desserts, smoothies, slices, etc). Doing this would give you 12 tabs or 26. Each tab format has different possibilites - for the A-Z I imagine things would be filed by name L for lasagne and lamingtons, as opposed to Mains or Baking if you were to use the six tab option. I guess it depends on if you want you're recipes 'mixed' or in like-minded categoreis. I like the two Filo idea but I imagine this will be a dilemma I will face when I come to putting my Recipe Filo together. Good Luck! Please let us know what you decide to do.
    PS - One idea you could use is to put a title page of your recipes either on or behind each tab, or create an index at the back as to where they are located.

  2. I am currently working on converting my Personal Domino into a Recipe-o-Fax. I have used blank tabs and labelled each with beef, lamb, pork, cakes, etc etc and the A-Z I was planning on using like a index! I was also going to put a weekly menu plan section in there somewhere!

    I will eventually post pictures when it is done!

    I chose Personal as the punch I have works great on Personal and not A5 and don't want to mess around to much with punching!

  3. I have an A5 Filofax for Recipes. Most recipes are printed from an online (Dutch) database, others I have typed and printed. I'm very pleased with my punch, because it's doing a perfect job here.

    I am not using tabs, but might add that some time in the future. Right now I have all recipes in no particular order in the front of the Filofax, HOWEVER I numbered all pages! In the address tabs, I've listed the recipes by name and main ingredients. That way, when I'm stuck with a surplus of e.g. cauliflower, aubergines or pork meat, I can look under C or A or M, which recipes apply. Each recipe in the address section has the page number stated, so I have no problem at all finding the recipe in a blink of an eye.
    The A5 format also allows for extra notes (like: which kid liked or didn't like it; extra ingredients, or different amounts than stated). If no-one liked the recipe (I keep trying out new ones at least twice a week), the page gets ripped out ;-)
    I use an A5 Domino, because I find it sturdy and kitchen-friendly, but most of all: it stays flat wherever I open it!

  4. I was thinking of using a Clipbook to build a 'leaving home recipe book' for my son, although after reading Jotje's comments I think my Domino might allow more room for him to build on as the years go by.
    Thanks for the tip!

  5. I've just bought a new A5 filofax to create my recipes book.
    I will create 6 tabs acconding to the common division of course in the Italian cousine: starters, first course (pasta or rise or something similar), second course (meat or fish), side dishes, dessert and a special tab for finger food or similar.

    All the receipes will be handwritten on a printed file that I would like to create next weekend.

    I'm so happy that there are other people with this nice idea!