22 October 2010

Song Quiz...

As far as I'm aware there aren't any songs with Filofax in their title? So how about 'Calendar', 'Planner', 'Diary'

To get you started....
  • The Diary of Horace Wimp - ELO
  • Nobody's Diary - Alison Moyet
  • Diary - Bread
So what other songs can you come up with with Filofax/Planner terms in their titles. 

To save you some time... you can cheat if you have your music collection in iTunes, just type the words in to the search box!!


  1. "In This Diary" by The Ataries

  2. Duran Duran - Plannert earth ;-)

  3. Jeannie's Diary - The Eels

  4. This one doesn't have anything to do with the title, but I think of my planner every time I hear it:

    "I'm Scared" by Duffy - The blank pages of my diary / That I haven't touched since you left me

    No man leaving me could get me to abandon my diary. ;)

  5. Hehe, excellent post. So, on my iTunes I have:

    Jeannie's Diary - The Eels, like Fi mentioned above

    The Calendar Hung Itself - Bright Eyes

    'Tis Harry I'm plannin' to marry - Doris Day ("Planning".. get it? hehe)

  6. No Fun At All's "Should Have Known":

    "Never got a minute just to have a good time, always so busy in your ideology,
    looking in your Filofax if there is some time you can spend with me"

    Not exactly complimentary, but a diect reference.