08 October 2010

Filofax Champagne Launch Event - 7th October

Last night saw the official launch of the new Filofax Gourmet Giftbox set which I posted information about yesterday morning. Sadly I wasn't able to attend myself and I even got another invite specifically requesting that 'Philofaxy' was in attendance!

So rather than let the chance to have some champagne, food and a goodie bag which would include a 'leather Filofax of your choice' go to waste. I asked the event organisers if I could send someone else along in my place. Filofax UK said yes, so I asked our own Oni who was over the moon at being asked (understatement!) and importantly Oni was free on that date....

So armed with her Filofax for note taking she headed off for Conduit Street in the heart of London to attend this special event.

Jess Stephens (Filofax Group eMarketing Manager) introduced the new box set. Her presentation will be on YouTube at some point (we will post a link when it appears). Jess did indicate that there are some new designs and colours coming in the New Year, but no amount of persuasion would prise the details from her.... so Filofax fans will just have to be patient and wait until all is revealed in the New Year. 

About 25 people were in the store for the launch and Oni did a great job of working the crowd and circulating and getting to talk to as many people as possible and spreading the word about Philofaxy. Who we were and what we write about without making it sound too geekie. There was a lot of interest in Philofaxy from the other companies and organisations there. So we might get some more enquiries in the next few weeks.

Here are some pictures from the event.

Onigiri poses with the new gift box set!
Aleasha(Affilate Window) and Oni with their organiser free gifts

Oni and Victoria (buy.at) showing off their Scanda organisers

But the best bit of the evening was meeting the Filofax team, they had travelled up from their office in Burgess Hill in Sussex. Oni got to talk to them for quite a while and found out what organisers they themselves use and got them to agree to pose for the 'team' photo below.

L to R Jon Morse (Mr FF Facebook!), Dee Yau (FF Store Supervisor), Oni,
Matt Watson (FF Marketing), Jessica Stephens (FF)
And for those of your who are keen 'Filofax spotters' Jon uses a Cuban A5 in saddle brown, Dee uses a Personal Amazona in Red, Matt: Personal Scanda in Brown, Jess: Mini Amazona in Almond

After such a great event I've already told Jess that I'm keeping my calendar free for all of October 2011 and may be Oni might like to accompany me next time. 

Thank you Oni for covering the event for us and we look forward to seeing more pictures of your new Filofax soon.

There was also another report on the evening here.


  1. Oni, you are such a lucky lucky woman!!! Your new filo is gorgeous! Enjoy!

  2. Such a fantastic post Steve! looks like it was an amazing event! and Oni you are very lucky indeed!
    The Conduit store is absolutely amazing, must schedule another visit next week in my filofax!


  3. Sounds like a great night. How generous of Filofax to let the guest pick a free gift of their choice. I would have imagined they's just give everybody the gourmet gift set (btw that slate coloured Domino looks very neat!). And how surprising that a FF woman carries a Mini!!!!
    Nice to put a face to the names. Oni you're beautiful! And how cute is Jon??? (this is not going to be published, is it? LOL)

  4. Oni glad you got to go to the event, it looks like it was lots of fun!!

    And congratulations on your beautiful new Scanda! :)

  5. Oni - I'm so jealous. =) Hope you had a terrific time. The Scandia, is that the personal size???

  6. Thank you all!! It was great to go in representation of ALL OF US FILOMANIACS out there!!

    Adam: are you by any chance in the UK?? may I ask where?

    Laurie, kanalt: The Scanda is only available in the personal size, but I've loved it ever since it came out, and this was the perfect chance to get it for free, as it is quite expensive :S
    I promise I will use it for work!!

    Jotje: it was really unbelievable we got to choose the FF of choice!! Oh, and I've posted another picture of Jon in my blog (just for you!!)He is not only cute, but also very nice!!
    Oh, and thank you for the compliment!! *blushes*!!!