28 October 2010

To do hints and tips

I know we have covered To-Do lists before. But seeing a post over at Plannerisms prompted me to give you a little update on various ideas on how to use To-Do lists.

I'm a big user of To-Do lists, it's the most frequent page I have to buy or print out depending on the size, I have pre-printed ones for various tasks like 'going away' so I remember all the things to take (power adapters, leads) tasks such as turning of the water, heating etc.

So I was naturally interested in the 'Collection of To-Do Tips' over on Plannerisms. Some of them confirmed my own thoughts on how many things you should have in a to-do list. And to review and update your lists regularly... I must post a calendar reminder to do it at least once a week... sort of a nag alarm!!!

And then this morning Lauren posted a blog entry 'Lists - Oh how I love you so!'  Another big list person! Take a read...

Just off to consolidate my to-do lists.......

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