10 October 2010

Skype Roundtable - Proposal for a regular date.

Given the continued success of our Skype Conference Round-table events, I would like to propose that we make them a once a month regular event.

It would mean that if you missed one, you wouldn't have quite as long to wait for the next one. Therefore, I would like to suggest that we hold them on say the first Sunday of every month.

If we find that that is too often we could change it to say every other month. The only other obstacles that I can see upsetting the schedule would be things like holidays (New Year, clocks changing, Easter etc).

Although, it would be great to have our own Philofaxy New Years 'On-line' Party! Also I might not be able to make every single monthly event, although I'm sure I can give someone else the details about hosting the conference call, it is not too difficult.

Unless anyone has any alternative proposals, the next event would be held on Sunday 7th November, I will put out a detailed announcement towards the end of the preceding months so even new 'Philofaxers' will not miss out.


  1. Sounds great! I had so much fun talking to everybody at the last one. :)

  2. Steve - this is a very good idea. Let´s do it.

  3. Oh I need to get skype!! Annoyingly my laptop (which was provided by work) does not have a sound card (so probably wont be able to use it) but maybe DH will let me use his Mac........
    Good idea :-)

  4. I agree - a very good idea. It's always good to have something Filo-related to look forward to.

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  6. I can join this time as it finally falls during my "mom" weekend! Cannot wait! Count me in!